Kimberly Parry - Sea Organics - Natural Anti Aging

a unique line natural anti aging skincare products with the patented BioMarine Complex.

Sea Organics is a combination of powerful ingredients from the sea and special products like amlabes, kakadupruim and marinekelp from the Amazon Rainforest. The high concentration of active ingredients are good for cell renewal, collagen and moisturize the skin. The result: reduce fine lines and skin is nourished intensively. Sea Organics, natural anti aging cosmetics with power from the sea.

The features of these natural anti aging products :
  • contains BioMarine Complex
  • combination of ingredients from the sea and from the land
  • 100% natural
  • with respect for nature won
  • luxury products
  • for conscious woman
Skin Care directly from the sea for natural anti aging. The products contain powerful BioMarine Complex. This complex is rich in protein and very important for the structure and moisture balance of the skin. The products of Sea Organics and Organics complement each other perfectly. With the right combination of products realizes this line optimal results for all skin types. Natural anti aging thanks biologically derived ingredients.
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