Oolaboo Saveguard products are specially developed for the (sensitive skin conditions, but are also suitable for all other skin conditions. The Saveguard line consists of 6 lots of products for both inner and outer care. The philosophy of good skin care is Oolaboo Based on the fact that you both from within the skin to feed the outside, hence the addition of Once a Day dose supplement.

What has to offer Saveguard Line?

The products provide the skin by adding high-quality ingredients, good nutrition with a healing and protective power. This will keep your skin fresh, nutritious and hydrating boost strings by using the save guard products. The products are so balanced that they even turn into the most sensitive skin.

The products from the Saveguard Line

Inside the saveguard line includes the following products:

  • A good nourishing day cream, namely Face cream
  • The Elixir very intense, very suitable for the red sensitive skin and Rosacea
  • Hydratation Boost, a light, nourishing and nurturing booster.
  • Powerful, soothing mask, SaveGuard Mask
  • An SPF30 protective emulsion, Protective Shield
  • The supplement Once a Day Dose, for the inner skin care

The products from the Saveguard line are completely matched. The combined products to use to get the best results for your skin. Yet every skin remains unique and it may be that one or more products do not meet your personal requirements, in this case it is no problem to combine the line products from the save guard with products from one of the other Oolaboo product lines.

For optimum fresh and protected feeling you choose OOLABOO SaveGuard products.

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