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Completely smooth with a depilatory cream from Het Cosmeticahuis

Using a depilatory cream is not complicated at all. Apply the cream in a generous layer on clean and dry skin. Wait a while and remove with an (alcohol-free) cloth. Afterward, the skin should be rinsed off with a generous wh ...


Of course, we all want those nice smooth legs that come out from under a skirt. Or those perfect armpits when we wear a sleeveless sweater. And the hair on the upper lip, we would rather lose that than rich. Men, smooth legs are ideal for cycling. And that hair on the back has disappeared with the products from our webshop. Even the intimate areas have been thought of.

hair removal

Of course, the hair can be shaved on all parts of the body. Waxing is also an option when it comes to removing hair. When shaving the next day, there are already the stubble and waxing, let's be honest, it sometimes hurts. On the other hand, a depilatory cream is painless, and the hair stays away from a little longer after depilation than when shaving the skin. Another advantage is that the use of depilatory cream is straightforward to integrate into the shower ritual. The Cosmeticahuis has some fine products from the Mud & More brand in its range: fine creams that gently depilate the skin.


Mud & More


The hair removal creams in the range of Het Cosmeticahuis are all from the Mud & More brand. The brand offers this ideal way of hair removal for men and women. Besides, there are also creams to use after depilation, and the brand also offers a serum to slow hair growth after depilation. Mud & More's products are all developed by skin specialists with years of experience. The products are made using the best ingredients extracted from nature, such as mud from the Dead Sea.

With the products from Mud & More, you go from hairy to beautiful smooth skin in three steps. In our range, we have both hair removal cream for men and women.


Prepare the skin for the depilatory cream.


It is wise to exfoliate the skin 24 hours before using the depilatory cream. This is possible with one of the body or faces scrubs that can be found in our webshop, such as the Oolaboo Super Foodies gentle scrub for the body or the Marc Inbane Black Exfoliator for the face. Regular (gentle) scrubbing of the skin can help prevent ingrown hairs after using the depilatory cream. When applying the depilatory cream, make sure that the skin is clean and dry.


Using the depilatory cream


Using a depilatory cream is not complicated at all. Apply the cream in a generous layer on clean and dry skin. Wait a while and remove with an (alcohol-free) cloth. Afterward, the skin should be rinsed with a generous amount of water.
It differs per body part how long you have to let the hair removal cream take effect. Check a few minutes before the maximum processing time has expired to see whether the hairs can already be wiped away. If this is not the case, let the hair removal cream sit for a while. Please note, never leave the cream on the skin longer than the specified maximum processing time!

The processing times of the products from our webshop are as follows:


Before using the depilatory cream, always take a good look at the packaging and never exceed the maximum application time. It is also important to use the right kind of cream for different parts of the body.


Take care of your skin after depilation.


After depilation, the skin can be a bit sensitive, and it is wise to take care of the skin with a nourishing cream. Specially tailored to the depilatory cream, we at Mud & More have a cream for the body and cream especially for the face in the range. The creams soften, nourish and moisturize the skin, leaving it smooth, cared for, and comfortable. They have a cooling and soothing effect and are therefore perfect for use after hair removal, but can also be used every day.


Slowing down hair growth


After depilation, it is, of course, enjoyable if the hairs stay away as long as possible and to enjoy the smooth skin for as long as possible. In the webshop, you can find some serums that help with this. These serums inhibit the transmission of signals to the brain that stimulates hair growth and provide targeted control of the cells that form hair follicles, thereby slowing unwanted hair growth. Simultaneously, the serum is also nourishing and cooling and, therefore, ideal to use immediately after depilation. After that, all you have to do is enjoy your radiant, smooth skin.

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