CTZN, The new gender-neutral makeup brand for everyone! These great make-up products are 100% vegetarian and do not contain parabens and talc. Besides, they are also Cruelty-free!


CTZN is the make-up brand of the new generation!

CTZN was founded by three sisters named Aleena, Aleezeh, and Naseeha Khan. They were born in the United States, raised in Dubai, and have a Pakistani background. In all these countries, they felt that they were not represented in any advertising. No Southeast Asian or Middle Eastern person was ever shown for 'medium brown' skin color.

Not only were they not represented in advertising, but these skin tones were also not taken into account in the colors of make-up. Often they had to mix makeup themselves to find the right color for themselves. They discussed it with their friends and received confirmation of the wrongdoing. Besides, they noticed that the make-up industry was not diverse enough for men. They wanted to change this, so they started their own make-up brand, called CTZN, in 2017. The new gender-neutral make-up brand for everyone!


Products from CTZN

The three sisters have only launched three different products so far. In 2017 they started their new brand. That year is known as the year of the Lipkit, which is why they were eager to make something for the lips. This was the first to follow the CTZN Nudiversal lip duo.


The CTZN Nudiversal lip duo is a double-sided combination with a matte lipstick on one side and a lip gloss. The CTZN Nudiversal lip duo is available in 25 (!) Different nude colors so that the perfect nude color can be found for every skin tone.

They also have the CTZN Lipstroke. This long-lasting lip liner further defines your lips, so you can let them shine. The CTZN Lipstroke is available in 5 different colors and can be used under all Nudiversal lipstick and lip gloss colors.

Finally, they have CTZN Globalm. A lip balm that can be used all over your face for extra shine. The specially developed formula is non-sticky and is available in the colors Clear and Pearl.

These great products are 100% vegetarian and do not contain parabens and talc. Besides, they are also Cruelty-free!



CTZN (pronounced citizen), as the translation of this word is, stands for the resident. This name was chosen because the resident is a gender-neutral word that refers to all different world inhabitants. The three sisters are passionate about making CTZN representative for everyone so that no one feels left out. Men, women, and other genders are represented by their gender-neutral packaging and make-up models. Therefore, the packaging is mainly black and white, and the names of their products each contain the same theme: being diverse and inclusive. For example, Nudiversal contains the word Universal (universal), and Globalm contains the word Global (worldwide).

They also have a blog with which they want to make the world more culturally aware. They do this through the concept: Cultutorial. Cultutorial means that in addition to a great make-up look (Tutorial), you also learn about the culture (Culture) of this person.

Find your perfect CTZN color.

Find your perfect CTZN nude color online? It seems impossible, but at Het Cosmeticahuis, we have a great tool that determines your nude color in 3 mouse clicks. TheCTZN Select Your NUDE Toolfirst lets you choose your skin color from 9 different photos. Then specify your favorite look with two more questions. After 3 clicks, the tool will show your CTZN match. If you are not satisfied with your match, you can view all 25 colors for your chosen skin type and choose your favorite color!


CTZN at the Cosmeticahuis

CTZN is a fantastic brand with not only beautiful products but also a beautiful message. In addition to this great brand, we, from Het Cosmeticahuis, also sell the best products from other fantastic brands, including Hannah , Mesoestetic , Image Skincare, Cenzaa , Dermalogica , Ik Skin Perfection, SkinCeuticals, Ananné, Make-Up StudioRevitalash

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