Embryolisse has been a household name in France for sixty years. The famous Lait Crème Concentré used by generations of women, recommended by dermatologists, adopted by fans, and is the beauty secret of many makeup artists and makeup artists.


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Embryolisse, a cult brand

Embryolisse; it was the year 1950 when a dermatologist working at St. Louis Hospital in Paris formulated the composition of concentrated milk cream. LCC, as the cream was initially called, is short for Lait Crème Concentré. A beautiful product that not only cares for the skin and allows it to recover, but also makes it shine and leaves a smooth protective layer on the surface. This product, which was initially only allowed to be prescribed by doctors, quickly became very popular. For the users, it was a 'keeper', for which they enjoyed going to the pharmacy again and again. 'LCC' became a cult product that had to rely on word of mouth—limited availability and only in pharmacies.



Embryolisse, the secret of makeup artists

It's no coincidence that 'Secret de Maquilleurs' is featured on a range of Embryolisse skincare products. Makeup artists and makeup artists who take their work seriously have standard Embryolisse LCC with them. This gentle milk cream soothes and protects the skin of the people who make up or paint them for work. The smooth protective layer is the perfect foundation for foundation and makeup, which, depending on the occasion, sometimes has to be applied very slowly. Embryolisse LCC is a beauty secret that fortunately is no longer so secret. More and more dermatologists, makeup artists, influencers, followers, and celebrities are absolutely fans of the beautiful brand Embryolisse, which has now expanded its product line. With essential ingredients such as beeswax, shea butter, and aloe vera, the user knows that it is a good and pure product. Parabens are avoided wherever possible in Embryolisse products so that the chance of an allergic reaction is minimal.

Embryolisse, internationally recognized.

It all started with Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentré, but now there are six different product lines, all developed and made in France. The line to which a particular product belongs could be recognized from the packaging and the color of the curled letter E from Embryolisse. The various Embryolisse products are now for sale in more than 20 countries, with America, Asia, and Japan as major leaders. The latest Embryolisse 'Secret de Maquilleurs' product line, which has been specially designed for makeup artists, is a great success and gives the brand extra glamor, which has resulted in many new users worldwide. Because Embryolisse considers the ecological future of our earth very important, we are continuously working on improving the ingredients list, the formulas, and the composition of the packaging material.

The different product ranges of Embryolisse
  • Embryolisse anti-aging, clearly recognizable by the beautiful red curly E on the packaging. These products are especially suitable for dry, older skin and contain caring and revitalizing ingredients.
  • Embryolisse moisturizing creams, recognizable by the royal blue E on the white packaging. Suitable for dehydrated, sensitive skin.
  • Embryolisse 'Secret de Maquilleurs', the pink and bronze shades on the packaging, immediately tell us that this is a series of products that promote a beautifully even complexion.
  • Embryolisse nourishing and regenerating, a baseline with delicious creams and lotions that leave the skin feeling comfortable. It can be recognized by a white packaging with the well-known aqua blue E.
  • Embryolisse cleansing, gentle cleansing products that moisturize and soothe the skin. It can be recognized by the light blue or light green E on the packaging.

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The cosmetics house

Embryolisse and other skincare brands such as Cenzaa, Dermalogica, Mesoestetic, Image Skincare, hannah, and Neoderma can help us to care for and shine your skin in the best way. Do you suffer from dry, irritated skin, are you looking for a good BB or CC cream or would you like to know how best to strengthen the skin around your eyes, please feel free to contact us. This can be done via the form, but it is also always possible by telephone. Describe your question as well as possible, or send us a photo that clearly shows the skin problem. Assessing the skin is our daily work, but in some cases, it is better to visit a qualified skin therapist or beautician. If necessary, we can, of course, help with that.

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