hannah products developed from daily practice, and This ensures that the products are tailored to the skin and offer excellent support in solving skin problems.


Do you have specific skin problems that you would like to have resolved? Do you want the skin to look radiant again? Do you like 'green' products? In all cases, the right hannah products that match your specific wishes are in our webshop. hannah products developed from daily practice and not in a laboratory, and This ensures that the products are tailored to the skin and offer excellent support in solving skin problems.


Hannah products from Dutch soil

Hannah is a Dutch brand that was founded in 1979 by Hannah Hakze with a clear mission: "It is not about what you do for the skin, but how you do it." She developed a concept and matching products for effective and long-lasting skin improvement. In the meantime, a whole new team is behind 'hannah,' but the hannah products are still being developed based on the mission and concept of Hannah Hakze.


The best products for your skin type

The hannah products in our webshop are divided into different categories so that you can easily find the products that suit your skin. Below you will find these different categories. Of course, it is also possible to use the filters on the website to find hannah products that suit your skin and wishes.




hannah Basic Line

In the hannah Basic Line, we sell all products for the daily care of the skin. This line provides all products to ultimately care for the face: from cleanser to cream and from toner to mask. Every hannah product from the basic line has a balanced composition that consists of skin-related, highly qualified, and natural ingredients.


hannah Clear Line

The hannah Clear Line is developed based on vegetable ingredients and without the use of synthetic ingredients. This line owes its name to the clarity and transparency of this natural line. The products do not contain any colorants or fragrances, and that also makes these hannah products extra friendly to the skin. This line is suitable for all skin types.


hannah Acne Line

The name says it all; these hannah products are especially suitable for people with skin that suffers from acne. This line contains a cleansing lotion, a face cream, a mask, and the unique Active Dry is beneficial in helping to heal the skin in the case of small wounds, acne, herpes, blistering, and irritation or for example inflammation in the skin. The product absorbs the moisture so that the skin can recover quickly.


hannah Red Line

The hannah Red Line ensures beautiful, fresh, and healthy skin through the intensive therapeutic effect of the products. The Red Line makes the skin look more radiant and younger. The products also have a skin cell renewal effect and actively contribute to skin improvement.


hannah Sun Perfection Line

The Sun Perfection Line is for everyone who wants to enjoy the sun, but also wants to protect the skin optimally. In our webshop, the sun cream for the face is available in SPF 10 (Fade Treatment), SPF 15 (High Quality), and SPF 30 (Juvi Protect).


hannah Body Line

The name already explains it a bit; the hannah Body Line has everything to take care of the body. This line contains a Shower Treatment, a Body Cream, and Body Oil, and the Scrub Plus. After taking care of the body with these products, the skin looks radiant again and feels wonderfully nourished.

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