Juliette Armand

Juliette Armand is a high-quality cosmetic brand from Greece. Experience the benefits that these quality products give to your skin.


Juliette Armand is a progressive Greek manufacturer of cosmetic products aimed at skin improvement. Scientific research and new products are developed in their own modern laboratory in Athens. Juliette Armand focuses on both the professional market for beauty salons and private consumers. With a personal approach, Juliette Armand tries to meet the specific needs of clients and offers professionals enough opportunity to follow their working method.

Juliette Armand

Juliette Armand cosmetics protect, repair, and care.

Juliette Armand's skin products are the result of a clear mission and thorough scientific research. Creams, serums, and gels aim to keep the skin healthy. On the one hand, this is accomplished by protecting the skin against external influences and other skin problems. On the other hand, Juliette Armand's skin products are specially created to care for and restore the skin. Due to the chemical background of the company's founders, the skin products are carefully formulated with ingredients that have scientifically proven their effectiveness. For example, biotechnological bacteria and proteins are used to stimulate the enzymatic system of the skin. Besides, hyaluronic acid is used to hydrate and strengthen the skin in a sustainable manner.

From hydration to regeneration

Juliette Armand offers solutions for a wide range of skin problems and aging processes and their prevention. One of the most common skin problems is dry skin. For this, you can, for example, treat your skin with Hyaluronic Acid Serum. This serum is more than a moisturizing oil. The hyaluronic acid ensures that your skin is structurally hydrated because moisture is stored in the skin cells. Another essential function of cosmetics is to combat visible aging. You can think of preventive and skin-repairing creams. The Retin-C 24h cream is one of Juliette Armand's top products. This cream with the main ingredients Retinol and Vitamin C reduces wrinkles and smoothes the skin. Juliette Armand has developed the DNA Repair Serum for a preventive effect on skin aging. This serum detects DNA damage and has a regenerating effect on the skin.

Juliette Armand's product line fits seamlessly with beauty salons that want to offer their clients the best skincare available on the market. Besides, there are plenty of creams, serums, and gels aimed at home use. Men and women who like to look well-groomed and are aware of the importance of healthy skin are guaranteed to benefit from Juliette Armand's revolutionary skin products.

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