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Marc Inbane Tanning products

The collection of this luxury premium brand Marc Inbane, which mainly consists of products and accessories that color the skin beautifully and evenly without sun, has now become award-winning and is loved by make-up artists and fashion houses.


Marc Inbane, because everyone radiates with a summer complexion

On April 21, 2012, the friends' Ingo, Nele, and Bart were at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. They had missed their plane, and to pass the time, they spontaneously decided to observe passers-by. It was noticeable that many of the people they saw looked tense. Emotional before a big family trip, exhilarated due to an upcoming vacation or stressed out due to time constraints or work. The only group of people who did look relaxed was the holidaymakers returning from a sunny country. Beautifully tanned, cheerful, and confident, they continued their way to this large airport in Amsterdam. Bart, Ingo, and Nele could not stop talking about it. That a summer complexion can do so much for a person. It turned out to be a reasonable basis for the creation of the Marc Inbane brand, Natural Tanning.

Marc Inbane

Marc Inbane, a premium brand

Nele, Ingo, and Bart. At first glance, you will not immediately see these names in the brand name. Nevertheless, all three names have been incorporated, IN from Ingo, BA from Bart, and NE from Nele. Marc Inbane started in 2012, but Ingo said goodbye in 2015, and Bart and Nele decided to continue the company. The collection of this luxury premium brand Marc Inbane, which mainly consists of products and accessories that color the skin beautifully and evenly without sun, has now become award-winning and is loved by make-up artists and fashion houses. After all, brown skin without direct exposure to UV radiation is a godsend for many people.
A well-known user and a real fan of the Marc Inbane brand is Miss Nederland 2018, the Brazilian-Dutch Rahima Dirkse. Even though she is naturally slightly tinted, she uses the tanning drops 'De Perle de Soleil' almost daily and can add to her day cream or body lotion if necessary.

Safe and responsible tanning without sun

The founders of Marc Inbane have set a clear course. All products they sell must meet several strict requirements. First of all, that is, of course, safety. All products are guaranteed free of parabens, silicones, and sulfates and are classified as hypoallergenic. The ingredients are natural and vegan and are not tested on animals. The collection of tanning products in the form of a mousse, spray, drops, or powder is suitable for every skin type and suits every skin color. Moreover, they are easy to use, dry quickly, and the result is even, without stains or smears. If you use a Marc Inbane product to give your skin color, then you do not have to be afraid of an orange glow or a typical scent.

The different product lines;

Marc Inbane Natural Tanning Mousse
You apply this mousse to clean, dry skin using the Marc Inbane glove. The result is an even summer complexion that remains for up to 9 days.
Marc Inbane Natural Tanning Spray
A popular product that is used by both men and women. This spray is easy to apply and ensures a healthy natural color.
Marc Inbane Perle de Soleil
For people with light-sensitive skin or skin that looks pale and pale, this product can be a real solution. Just add a few drops to your day cream, and you will soon have a healthy and summery touch.
Marc Inbane Black Exfoliator
The best result is achieved by applying a tanning product to a scrubbed clean, dry skin. This black exfoliator with carbon is the perfect preparation.
Marc Inbane Le Teint
Apply a healthy tan while activating the melanin in the skin. This nourishing day cream with a touch contains Bronzyl ™.
Marc Inbane La Hydratan
A luxurious moisturizing day cream with the active ingredient Bronzyl ™. The production of melanin is activated, giving the skin a subtle glow after a few days.
Marc Inbane accessories and gift sets
Marc Inbane's additional products are worth viewing and ordering. The glove and brush make the application of a tanning product easier and ensure better distribution. If you want to give a Marc Inbane product as a gift, take a look at the gift sets.

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The cosmetics house

A healthy color without UV radiation. Marc Inbane's hypoallergenic products prove that it is possible. If you have sensitive skin, start with two drops of Perle de Soleil that you mix with your daily skincare regimen. You are looking for a compact mineral cream that colors your skin while protecting it from the sun? Then take a look at Cenzaa CC Minerals Cream SPF30. If you prefer a moisturizer with a tint and sun protection, then Dermalogica Sheer Tint SPF20 might be for you. A tinted sunscreen that we have had good experiences with is Neoderma Blue Blood Face Tinted Sunscreen SPF30.

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