Murad's skincare products are aimed at making your skin as healthy as possible. All products were developed by the American dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad. His motto is that healthy skin is beautiful skin.



Murad's skincare products are aimed at making your skin as healthy as possible. All products were developed by the American dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad. His motto is that healthy skin is beautiful skin. To accomplish that, Dr. Murad, in the year 1989 to develop a product line to cleanse and moisturize the skin. However, these products became so loved that Dr. Howard Murad was soon able to continue developing new skin-improving product lines.

'The Murad recipe'Hydrate, inhibit inflammation, and protect well.

Dr. Murad says that the skin should always be treated in three different ways to achieve the best possible result. The start is always moisturizing. Dry skin is more sensitive to external influences, and a good moisturizer is therefore simply necessary. Hydrated skin also immediately looks better and healthier. Another important ingredient in skincare products is an anti-inflammatory ingredient.

Sensitive skin can react quickly to various influences. This can be tension, nutrition, and/or external irritants. Anti-inflammatory ingredients soothe the skin and provide more relaxation and softening. The third overriding ingredient is always an antioxidant to protect the cells of the skin from external influences. Dry air, polluted air, bright sun, or unpleasant cold air. Are you using a suitable product from Dr. Murad, then your skin is well protected.

The connected beauty philosophy

Being young and staying young is the goal of 'The connected beauty philosophy' by Dr. Howard Murad. Almost every day, he is engaged in research into combating the loss of cellular strength. What strategies are actually needed to create a younger version of yourself, and how do you promote your body's health down to the cellular level? Youth building is the term Dr. Murad likes to indicate this himself. According to him, this consists of at least the following four important points:

  1. Care, nourish, and protect your skin.
  2. Eat water. Dr. Murad means by this that it is important to eat a lot of moisture-rich foods.
  3. Wake up and alert your body. Sufficient muscle mass can retain moisture.
  4. Be kind to your mind and limit stress. In this way, you protect not only your body but also your brain against damage.
The various Murad product lines
  • Murad Blemish control, a complete line of products to treat acne and other skin impurities. These products are available for young, troubled skin and adult skin with small imperfections, scars, red spots, and pimples. Recognizable by the white and royal blue packaging.
  • Murad Pore reform, an intensive clay mask that cleanses the skin and tightens the pores in combination with an oil-free moisturizing emulsion with a protection factor to balance and keep the skin.
  • Murad hydration, an extensive range of products for sensitive skin. This line can be recognized by the cyclamen-colored packaging and contains moisturizers and peeling, and specific skin cleansing products.
  • Murad Environmental Shield protects and beautifies the skin with the help of antioxidants. Easily recognized by the sunny yellow on the packaging.
  • Murad Resurgence. Revive and rejuvenate facial skin with the resurgence product line's help, which can be recognized by the fresh green packaging.
  • Murad White brilliance, especially for dull skin with small pigmentation spots. It gives the skin a healthy and even glows.
  • Murad Multivitamin. A powerful skin oil with six important vitamins. Especially suitable for combating skin aging and making the skin glow.

The cosmetics house

Murad and other good skincare product lines from brands such as Mesoestetic, Cenzaa, Dermalogica, and Skinceuticals enable us to the Cosmetic House to find and recommend the best product for our clients. Like Dr. Howard Murad, we focus on making the skin as healthy and beautiful as possible. Do you suffer from acne, irritation, or pigmentation spots, and are you looking for a good treatment, please contact us.

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