Nora Bode


The OXYJET GO transports specially developed cosmetic serums to the dermis using pressure injection, which reduces wrinkles, pigmentation, and loss of elasticity.



Absolute Effects Purifying Control

Skin cleansing, keratolytic and anti-inflammatory concentrate for the treatment of impure, acne skin of all ages. Simultaneously moisturizing for a soft, well-groomed skin.



Absolute Effects Energy Reloud

Revitalizing power-boost concentrate suitable for all skin types. Gives the skin energy for a fresh, radiant and youthful appearance, increases elasticity and resilience.



Absolute Effects Sensitive Balance

Calming, capillary-stabilizing and redness-reducing concentrate for sensitive skin that is prone to rosacea. Reduces inflammation and redness, increases the resistance of the capillary and ensures a uniform complexion.



Absolute Effects Volume Booster

Volume build concentrate suitable for every skin type. Completes wrinkles, strengthens the skin, instantly feels and feels.



Absolute Effects Brighthening Corrector

A concentrate that reduces pigmentation irregularities, suitable for every skin type.



NORA BODE Kosmetik was founded in Hohenstein in 1994 by the two owners: Jutta and Lothar Bode founded in 1994. The treatment of patients with skin diseases was the focus of the then affiliated Naturopathy Practice. Lothar Bode, technician and practitioner was looking for a way to adequately and pain-free anti-inflammatory drugs into vulnerable, diseased skin. The pulsed oxygen pressure injection was created from these tests.

Jutta Bode, with as background apothecaresse, developed at that time for the treatment of the patients in the affiliated laboratory itself the preparations, which were completely individually tailored to the patient. The enthusiasm of the patients about the creams and lotions was great, because not only inflammations and impurities were alleviated. The patients were so happy with their smoother and softer skin, so that they finally focused entirely on the development of high-quality cosmetic preparations.

That means today that only active ingredients with proven effectiveness are used, the use of mineral oils, parabens and animal ingredients is generally avoided.


For this purpose, NORA BODE follows all current cosmetics trends in raw materials around the world and develops their exclusive product lines.

First signs of skin aging, loss of volume, reduced elasticity, irregularities due to pigmentation, impure skin and more. For every skin condition there is a wide choice of products available that have been specially developed for this. Below the different brands of Nora Bode.

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