• Cenzaa Calming Dream Tea jar 50gr

Cenzaa Calming Dream Tea jar 50gr

Cenzaa Calming Dream Tea soothing and beneficial tea blend!
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soothing and beneficial tea blend! The traditional beneficial composition of Calming Dream Tea has a calming effect, soothes your skin and brings it back to its natural balance. Spearmint leaves, blackberry leaves, rose blossom, orange blossom and chamomile make this tea perfect for drinking before bedtime. Make a tasteful dream trip with the pure composition of this unique blend. Treat yourself and enjoy every day this soothing, 100% organic herbal blend!

Content: 50 gr.


For one cup of tea: boil water. Spoon a teaspoon of 100% pure, organic Cenzaa Calming Dream Tea in a tea infuser and let it infuse for up to 5 minutes for a delicious blend. Make sure the tea extract distributes evenly. This makes the excellent taste come into its own. Calming Dream Tea contains no additives and therefore remains light in color.


• 100% natural ingredients
• Helps to strengthen the immune system
• Positive effect on heart and blood vessels
• Natural antibiotic
• Pure exotic taste experience
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