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Cenzaa Monster set aged skin

Cenzaa Monster set aged skin

The Cenzaa Sample Set for Aging Skin contains samples of the Cenzaa Velvet Creamy Milk, the Cenzaa Illuminating Masq and the Cenzaa Derma Sculpture. Do you have aging skin, and would you like to start a skincare routine and try the Cenzaa products? Then the Cenzaa Monster set aged skin is the set for you to begin with.


The Cenzaa Sample Set for Aging Skin contains the following products:

  • Cenzaa Velvet Creamy Milk (≈5ml)
  • Cenzaa Illuminating Masq (≈5ml)
  • Cenzaa Derma Sculpture (≈5ml)

Cenzaa Velvet Creamy Milk

The Cenzaa Velvet Creamy Milk is a 3-in-1 formula: cleanser, make-up and (eye) make-up remover. It has a soft, creamy emulsion and gives a beautiful fragrance sensation and melts slowly on the skin. The Velvet Creamy Milk is rich in nourishing, anti-oxidative, skin-improving and protective ingredients.

Cenzaa Illuminating Masq

The Cenzaa Illuminating Masq is an intensive mask that removes skin imperfections and reduces coarse pores, a dull complexion and unwanted wrinkle formation.

Cenzaa Derma Sculpture

The Cenzaa Derma Sculpture rejuvenates, lifts, and remodels the skin to regain its maximum elasticity, firmness, and even complexion. This cream is formulated based on the latest anti-age technology.

This is how you use the Monster set aged skin

Step 1: cleanse your face with the Cenzaa Velvet Creamy Milk. You can use this product every day, both in the morning and evening. Wet your face with warm water. Apply the creamy emulsion to your face and massage it gently with upward movements. Remove the cleaner using facial sponges and water.

Step 2: give your face an intensive mask with the Cenzaa Illuminqting Masq. Apply this product to cleansed skin two to three times a week and leave it on for 15 minutes. You may experience a tingling sensation. Remove the mask after 15 minutes with lukewarm water.

Step 3: rejuvenate your face with the Cenzaa Derma Sculpture anti-aging cream. You can use this product daily; Apply evenly in an upward motion to cleanse your face, neck and décolleté every morning and evening.

The advantages of the Monster set

  • You can quickly try & experience the Cenzaa products that suit your skin type;
  • It is the first step to starting your skin routine;
  • You will receive one free facial cleansing sponge to clean your face optimally;
  • You will receive one discount code for your next order; this is how you start your (new) skin routine with a 10% discount.

The Cenzaa Monster Set Aged Skin is also a complete skincare set.

Skin advice

Are you unsure about your skin type and whether the Cenzaa Monster Set for aging skin is suitable for you? Fill out the 'Tailor-made skin advice' form, and our skin coaches will be happy to provide you with a targeted skin analysis, looking at which products are suitable for your skin (type).

Product features

Brand: Cenzaa
Care objective: Improve skin elasticity, Reduction of coarse pores, Reduction of wrinkles & fine lines, Skin Firming, Skin tone improvement
Gender: Women, Men
Packaging: Sample set
Skin problem: Skin Aging
Skin type: Aged skin
Suitable for: Face


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