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Combray Day & Night Cleansing Oil 50ml

Day & Night Cleansing Oil

This luxurious Day & Night Cleansing Oil is a blessing for your skin. Combray Day & Night Cleansing Oil consists of only two components, the antioxidant Oxofulleram and the highest quality natural oil, namely jojoba oil.

The Day & Night Cleansing Oil is for cleaning eye make-up and skin. A well-cleansed skin is a correct basis and the Day & Night Cleansing Oil gives the skin a silky soft feeling. In addition, a good cleaning is a reasonable basis for the Combray Facial Oil. Skincare absorbs more easily into the skin to take better care of the skin. An improvement in the skin can be seen in just a few days without drying or irritating the skin. The skin has a fresher look.

Antioxidants in this Day & Night Cleansing Oil lay the foundation for protecting against stress and damage caused by excess free radicals. Sunlight, aging and skin irritations such as acne, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis are known causes of an increased concentration of free radicals in the skin. Day & Night Cleansing Oil, in combination with the Facial Oils, can neutralize these free radicals. This increases the skin's resistance, makes external influences less likely to cause damage to the skin and gives the skin a healthy appearance.

The benefits of Day & Night Cleansing oil

  • Increases the resistance of the skin
  • It does not dry out the skin
  • It gives the skin a silky soft feeling
  • Protects the skin against free radicals
  • It provides the skin with a healthy look

This is how you use Day & Night Oil

  • Take a dollar-sized amount of Day & Night Cleansing Oil in the clean palm of your hand.
  • Divide the oil over both hands and apply to the face.
  • Add a small amount of warm water if necessary.
  • Massage the Day & Night Cleansing Oil for at least 20 seconds; you can take the eyelids to make sure that the oil does not get into the eyes.
  • After massaging the skin with the Day & Night Cleansing Oil, remove the oil from the skin with a warm, moist compress.
  • If the skin remains oily, you can reheat the compress and remove the skin again.
  • Take the skin around the eyes well so that no oil film remains in the eyes.
  • The Day & Night Cleansing Oil is for daily application, both morning and evening.

Why cleanse with oil?

An oil cleanser is a natural make-up cleanser that can remove all types of make-up from the skin. From foundation to waterproof mascara. In addition, oil is a good skin cleansing. Surprisingly, oil removes the excess sebum that can clog the pores. This property is not easily attributed to oil, but an oil cleanse preserves our natural skin oils. As a result, the skin is not dried out during cleaning, and the skin does not feel tight after cleansing.

Oxofulleram, in the Day & Night Cleansing Oil, also has the property that it can capture substances. This property helps remove unwanted substances such as metals and thus contributes to cleaning the skin.

Cleanser & Facial Oil

A well-cleansed skin can absorb day and night care better and more efficiently. During the cleaning of the skin, any make-up products are removed from the skin, the skin is cleaned, and you remove flakes and dead skin cells from the skin. This facilitates the absorption of the care product applied to the skin after cleansing and is a reasonable basis for skincare. Do you use the Combray Facial Oil after the Day & Night Cleansing Oil? Then you even need less Facial Oil for an optimal effect of the care.

Product features

Brand: Combray
Care objective: Improve hydration, Radiant skin, Smooth skin
Contents: 50 ml
Gender: Women, Men, Teenager
Packaging: Travel Size, Full Size
Product Type: Cleansing Oil
Skin type: All Skin types
Suitable for: Face
Texture: Oil


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