• Extenso Natural Sea Salt [fijn] 250gr

Extenso Natural Sea Salt [fijn] 250gr

A treatment with Extenso Natural Sea Salt smoothes the skin and promotes a good moisture balance.
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Extenso Natural Sea Salt

Extenso Natural Sea Salt obtained from the Dead Sea contains a much higher percentage of minerals and trace elements than sea salt obtained from other seas and oceans.
The high concentration of the minerals calcium, chromium, potassium, copper and sodium in this sea salt ensure the exfoliation, care and protection of the skin.
A treatment with sea salt smoothes the skin and promotes a good moisture balance.

How to use Extenso Natural Sea Salt
Mix 1 cup of Essential Sea Salts with (possibly heated) Extenso Hydro Cleansing Oil
Heat the skin with warm compresses.
Apply the mixture of oil and salt to the skin with your hands.
Wet hands thoroughly with warm water.
Massage the skin with effleurages and rotations.
Also wet hands in between with warm water.
Massage until the salt granules are completely dissolved and remove any residue with compress cloths.
This nurturing and stimulating scrub is a perfect pre-treatment for gaskets but also good to use in combination with other body treatments.

Like all Extenso products, Extenso Natural Sea Salt helps to keep the skin healthy, fit and radiant.

Characteristics of Extenso Natural Sea Salt are:

  • No superfluous fragrances and dyes
  • No superfluous parabens
  • No superfluous mineral ingredients
  • Animal testing free
  • Environmentally friendly packaging

For best results use Extenso Natural Sea Salt in combination with Extenso Extenso Hydro Cleansing Oil. This will not only ensure a good cleansing of the skin but also a good moisture balance.

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