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Your favorite facial cleansing for beautiful, clean skin (90)

Not all people have the same skin type and not everyone benefits from the same kind of facial cleansing. At Het Cosmeticahuis we have a suitable facial cleansing for all skin types.


A healthy radiant skin starts with a good facial cleansing. The face is exposed all day, and also at night, to air containing all kinds of dirt. It is also very important that the make-up of the face is removed every evening. When the face is still contaminated, the care products that are applied to the skin in the morning and evening do not do what they should do and that is a shame. Facial cleansing is therefore always the first step in the complete care of the skin.

Different types of facial cleansing

Not all people have the same skin type and not everyone benefits from the same kind of facial cleansing . At Het Cosmeticahuis we have a suitable facial cleansing for all skin types. You can find the right facial cleansing for you by choosing from the 'target group', 'skin type', 'skin problem' and 'target' filters below this text. For those who prefer to surf the products themselves on the website, we have divided the types of facialcleansing into four clear categories: cleansing milk , cleansing oil , cleansing gel and make-up cleanser .


Cleansing milk

A cleansing milk usually has a mild formula that is very soft on the face. A cleansing milk not only removes the daily dirt from the face, but can also be used to remove make-up. To remove waterproof make-up, a milk is usually just not enough.
A cleansing milk is applied to the face and can be massaged by hand. Then rinse with lukewarm water or wipe with a (warm) wet cloth. We have cleansing milk in the range for all skin types: from the hannah Cleansing Milk for the most sensitive skin to the Cenzaa Velvet Creamy Milk which is also suitable for the more oily skin.


Cleaning oil

A cleansing oil is a facial cleansing that removes all the dirt from the face, even waterproof make-up is no problem for a cleaning oil. All this is done in a mild way. A cleansing oil cleanses and nourishes the skin and leaves the face soft, without a taut feeling.
A cleaning oil is used as follows: take a small amount of oil in the hand, the size of a euro. Massage this over the face, even the eyes may be carried. Wet hands and wash the face. Rinse the cleaning oil with lukewarm water or take it off with a microwave compress , for which the hannah dressing cloth is very suitable.


Cleansing gel

A cleansing gel is a fine cleanser for people who like to wash their face with plenty of water, for example in the shower. Also a cleansing gel is extra suitable for people with normal and impure skin. Men also like to use a cleansing gel to wash the face.
A cleansing gel is used by first wetting the face and hands. Then take a small amount of gel on the palms and rub until foam is formed. Wash the face with the foam and rinse the face well with lukewarm water.
Also for sensitive skin we have a cleansing gel in the range: the Juliette Armand Sensitive Cleansing Gel .


Make-up cleaner

For people who prefer not to use cleaning oil because the personal preference is with a different kind of facial cleansing, we have make-up cleaners in the range. These cleansers remove all make-up of your face at the end of the day before using a cleansing gel or lotion. We also have cleansers that are specially designed to remove eye makeup and even remove waterproof eyeliner and mascara without any problems.
The eye make-up cleansers from Tyro, for example, are cleansers that are applied to a cotton ball. The make-up of the eyes can then be removed with the cotton wool.

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