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Use cleansing oil during your daily care routine

The cleansing oil is a hydrophilic oil that turns into a milky substance when it comes to water contact.


Cleansing gel, foam, and milk are all fairly well-known products used to cleanse the face at the beginning and end of the day. The use of cleansing oil is even less known to some people. This text explains what a cleansing oil is, what it does, and how to best use it. We also tell you which types we have in our range.


What is it?

Of course, everyone cleans their skin at the beginning and end of the day to rid the face of all-day grime and leftover care that has been applied before. This can, of course, be done with a cleansing gel, milk, or foam. If you have worn make-up that day, it must be removed first. Using a cleansing oil ensures that both happen at the same time. The use of a make-up remover is no longer necessary.

Cleansing oil is a hydrophilic oil that turns into a milky substance when it comes to water contact. The oil first loosens all dirt from the face (and neck and décollete). Then, when the oil comes into contact with water and turns into milk, it is easy to rinse off the face, along with anything you previously soaked off. Perfectly cleansed skin remains that does not feel tight.


Use cleansing oil on all skin types.

The cleansing oil is a very mild product that can be used for all skin types. Maybe it sounds a bit strange to use oil on oily skin, for example. You might think that this makes the skin oilier, but this is not the case. A gel or foam can strip your skin of the layer of oil normally on the skin during cleaning: the skin is dried out too much. Because the skin dries out, it will produce more oil/sebum to restore the skin's protective layer. The result is skin that becomes oilier again.

An oil cleanser keeps the skin's balance intact and ensures that it does not become greasy or drier. This cleanser is, therefore, more than suitable for every skin type.


How do you use cleansing oil?

Using this product is very easy. Take an amount of product about a euro coin in the palm of your hand. Massage it over your face in gentle circular motions. When all the dirt has been massaged off your face, wet your hands and massage them over the face again. The oil now turns into a milky substance. Then rinse the face or remove the milk with a microwave compress. A microwave compress stimulates the skin and ensures that applied care is better absorbed into the skin.


hannah Cleansing Oil

hannah Cleansing Oil is a facial cleanser based on natural oils. This product is based on vegetable soybean oil. This cleans the skin without leaving a greasy layer. The added ingredient 'Dermofeel' ensures a high degree of tolerance through the skin (also around the eyes), so that even the most sensitive skin can be effectively cleaned. This product is available in a 50ml and 150ml bottle.


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