The best for taking care of dry skin

The Cosmeticahuis has everything you need for caring for dry skin. This type of skin benefits from a different kind of care than, for example, oily or normal skin. If you do not know what your skin type is, it may be wise to visit a beautician. He or she can tell you precisely what your skin type is. Do you already know what skin type you have, but you are not sure how to best care for it? Then read on, on this page, we will tell you everything about dry skin.


Recognize dry skin

Dry skin is not very difficult to recognize. This skin often gives a tight feeling, can get flakes and small cracks, and quickly turns red. The epidermis contains too few fats with this skin type; This ensures that the skin does not retain enough moisture and dries out, which causes that tight feeling, the flakes, etcetera. It is, therefore, essential to properly nourish and hydrate this skin type.


Do not do with dry skin

To properly care for dry skin and not to make the symptoms worsen, it is advisable not to do some things with this skin:

  • Washing / rinsing the skin too hot can cause the skin to dry out further
  • Use too many perfume-containing products: these can damage the skin barrier and create an even drier skin
  • Use aggressive cleansers for the face
  • Sitting too much with the face in the sun, this dries out the skin


Taking care of dry skin

To properly care for this skin type, it is first of all critical always to use products that are made specifically for this skin type. At Het Cosmeticahuis, we have a lot of those products in the range. All products that you encounter on these pages are suitable for the care of dry skin.

Good face care starts with proper cleaning. The cleaning of this skin type can is best with cleansing milk or oil. These products not only remove dirt from the face but also nourish and moisturize the skin during cleansing. The Cenzaa Velvet Creamy Milk and hannah Cleansing Milk are good examples of cleansing milk that are very suitable. The Mesoestetic Hydra Milk Cleanser removes all makeup and impurities from the face pleasantly and effectively.

This type of skin also benefits significantly from an excellent moisturizing and caring cream for morning and evening. The hannah 24 Hour Skin Balancing is a very light cream to care for dry skin. This cream restores the moisture balance in the skin. Another very suitable choice is the Embryolisse Lisseur Bonne Mine Intense, which provides intensive skincare.

Skincare is not complete without regularly applying a nourishing mask. The hannah Hydro Mask gives the skin, as it were, a moisture injection and is super hydrating. Another pleasant mask for this skin type is the Tyro Green Tea mask that has a regenerating and stimulating effect.

This type of skin also greatly benefits from applying a serum. You use a serum after cleansing the skin and before applying a cream. This extra step provides extra care for dry skin, something that this skin type can undoubtedly use. Great serums include the hannah Skin Conditioner and the Tyro Honey Tight Serum.

Finally, as with all skin types, it is essential to protect the skin against the sun adequately. The Juliette Armand Sunfilm Body Fluid Spray is an excellent choice for dry skin because this spray provides hydration and cooling of the skin in addition to sun protection. Don't forget to lubricate!

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