hannah 24 Hour Skin Balancing 45ml

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Is your skin ready for a boost? Daily life sometimes takes its toll. Stress, UV radiation, weathering and exhaust: it can all result in a dull and sallow complexion. Fortunately, the Dutch brand hannah has developed a solution. Let your tired skin again shine with hannah 24-hour Skin Balancing!

A conditioner for your skin

hannah 24-hour care is a true conditioner for your skin. This cream was developed fifteen years ago, the first branded product hannah. Since then, more and more people are discovering this amazing cream. No wonder, for whom the cream for the first time will see within a few days difference! The silky formula is designed to restore the moisture balance of your skin. hannah 24-hour Skin Balancing You have the whole day ensures optimal nutrition, hydration and protection. Natural ingredients like jojoba, calendula, vitamin E oil, aloe vera, shea butter and essential oils make this a hypoallergenic cream, suitable for even the most sensitive skin type. Another plus point: with hannah 24-hour care are a separate day and night care past. Apply the cream morning and evening to cleansed skin, and assured of gloss and smoothness you all day.

Is hannah 24-hour Skin Balancing for you?

Not sure whether hannah 24-hour care, the ideal solution for your skin type? Then we like to give you a free and without obligation skin advice. Hannah the house belongs to the Skin Institute Orchid. Our shop has been developed in consultation with a certified skin coach. This will be happy ready to give you personal advice. Also at our hannah 24-hour Skin Balancing download a leaflet you can find all the product information, as well as use. So you are always assured of the right product for your personal skin type. Do you have a dry, tired skin or demanding? We advise you to complete the 24 hour skin balancing our Vitamin Complex Spray. This spray can apply immediately after cleansing your face, neck and décolleté. Immediately thereafter you can apply our hannah 24-hour care. Do you have a mature skin? Then also encourage knowledge with our anti-aging line. These products are specially designed for your skin to restore its fresh and youthful appearance. Together, let us again shine your skin!


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