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hannah Brilliant Touch 10 ml Tag

Brilliant Touch ensures an optically pure and clear skin tone right away, and in the long term, a remarkable, intensive and completely remodelling effect on the sagging, ageing skin.
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In this day and age, when 'selfies' are all around, everyone wants to take a picture with a lovely and glowing complexion. Many use filters or apps on their smartphone or tablets, to look as well as possible. With Brilliant Touch, you no longer need these filters and apps!

The formula of this unique product contains the white Diamond Core Powder Global Lumière. This luxurious powder ensures an immediate soft focus effect, thanks to the light reflecting properties. This means that the skin gets a remarkably clear and nice, even look right away.

The unique composition of Brilliant Touch improves - in the long term - the skin, in case of wrinkles and saggy skin. This is primarily due to the addition of the high tech ingredient Progeline™. This advanced peptide comes from Elafin, an ingredient that slows down enzymes and regulates the integrity of the extra cellular skin matrix.

Progeline™ consists of 3 high-quality amino acids. This combination effectively reduces wrinkles and has a profound effect on skin sagging.

Brilliant Touch also contains silicon oil, but in a lower concentration than Touch of Silk. This oil can fill up tiny impurities right away, which leaves the skin even and mattified, without any residue. The result of this revolutionary product is brilliant, in two ways!

Brilliant Touch ensures an optically pure and clear skin tone, right away, which has a remarkable, intensive and completely remodelling effect on the sagging, ageing skin.

Use Brilliant Touch:

  • For an immediately even and clear skin tone, for customers who want to look good without wearing make-up.
  • Can be combined with products from the Red Line, for an even more intensive skin regeneration.
  • Finally, apply the cream to face, neck, and cleavage.


  • An immediate soft focus effect, for an even and lovely skin
  • Clears the complexion
  • Fights wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduces skin sagging
  • Intensive remodelling effect on the skin tone
  • Powerful regenerative properties
  • Intensive skin improvement

Brilliant touch. Heerlijke crème smeert goed in en ruimt lekker en voelt goed

Brilliant Touch 10 ml. Ik gebruik Brilliant Touch van Hannah al langer. Ik vind het een heel fijne creme en het ruikt ook lekker. De 10 ml variant is handig voor op reis.

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