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causes a strong circulation in your skin and provides intensive oxygen boost. After a few minutes, a beneficial warm glow, which promotes the oxygen supply and the transport of active substances. This causes skin improvement rather than a possibly reduced blood flow. The latter is very important for a healthy and radiant skin in particular. CellActive is applicable to any form of skin improvement and care, like a pale, impure and scaly skin. It is also a circulation-enhancing product, and will update skin-improving and rejuvenating. Where there is no blood flow, one needs additional massaging the skin. The unique ingredients are also highly effective in combating cellulite.Cell Active is also an ideal product for the sustainable preservation of a beautiful and youthful cleavage, a firm neckline and body.


  • After 14 days of use (2x per day), in combination with, for example, Hannah 24- hour Skin Balancing , you can quickly reach an amazing result!
  • After CellActive brings you Vitamin Complex for a more intense effect. < / li>
  • To intensify the effect of Hannah CellActive further, a warm compress can be applied for a few seconds .
  • You use CellActive on a properly cleaned and prepared skin.
  • Massage hannah CellActive in until you feel a tingling and wait occurs redness of the skin.
  • In the beginning it may be a blotchy redness.
  • Where the skin perfusion is not comprehensive, are often signs of aging or skin problems.
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