• hannah Cleansing Oil 125 ml

hannah Cleansing Oil 125 ml

hannah natural skin care - hannah Cleansing Oil is a cleansing based on natural oils as a main ingredient pure vegetable soy oil which has excellent cleansing properties.
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is a cleansing based on natural oils. Since ancient times, the positive properties of various oils known as pure almond, jojoba, or soybean oil. The combination of these ancient knowledge with the scientific developments of today, have resulted in a pure, so-called "hydrophilic oil. "Hydrophilic" means that this oil with water is miscible, without, however, to foam. This ensures that the skin can be thoroughly cleaned in a very gentle and effective manner.

hannah Cleansing Oil contains as main base a high percentage of pure vegetable soy oil with excellent cleaning properties. This completely pure natural emulsifier adds a sophisticated hydrophilic substance, which cleanses the skin in depth, without a greasy layer to leave behind. The formula also contains a variety of antioxidants, including vitamin E derived from sunflower oil. These ensure that the skin surface is well protected against free radicals during cleaning.

The added ingredient 'Dermofeel' allows for a high degree of tolerance by the skin (including around the eyes), so that even the most sensitive (eye) skin can be cleaned effectively. An intensely fresh, clean and clear skin and an ecological early skin improvement!


  • Take about a euro oil in your hands and apply it on the face.
  • massage on the skin.
  • Wet your hands with warm water and "was" the face.
  • The oil now become different in color and texture.
  • Take the oil, preferably with a microwave compress, making the skin is stimulated and increased accessibility.
  • This hannah products after this cleaning will be more effective.
  • Eye makeup can be easily removed with hannah Cleansing Oil.
  • An oil dissolves oil, which makes them excellent for problem skin, acne and rosacea.

Een goed product voor een onrustige en moeilijke huid.

Fijne cleansing olie die je huid niet uitdroogt.

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