• hannah Juvi Protect 10 ml Tag

hannah Juvi Protect 10 ml Tag

This cream offers sun protection to skin type I-II (SPF 30) very light to light skin, this type of skin is not or hardly brown and burn quickly.
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is Suitable for skin type I-II (SPF 30) (very light to light skin). People with this type of skin are not or hardly brown and burn too quickly. This skin type requires an SPF high, a high form of protection. In this skin type is not only important to use an SPF, but also to protect against free radicals with antioxidants, such as the ingredients Macadamia oil and the vitamins A and C.

hannah Juvi Protect also eliminates irritation and redness and has a calming function thanks to Aloe Vera. In order to achieve an optimal result for this, often vulnerable skin, the fat / moisture balance is supplemented by fatty acids and lecithin.


  • Use hannah Juvi Protect for skin type I-II as a daily day cream after cleansing and possibly peeling the skin.
  • Apply lightly massaging movements.
  • hannah Juvi Protect can be combined well with all hannah products for even more intensive nutrition and protection.

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