hannah Oxys Genes 30 ml

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creates a pure and intense oxygen boost in the skin, making it healthier and more vital, feels firmer and more resilient and remarkably fresher, well supplied with blood and radiant look.

Oxygen is essential for our skin necessary for proper cell metabolism, a healthy cell renewal and of course thanks to an optimal supply of nutrients and removal of waste ditto. Pure oxygen can not be added nomaliter a care cream for the reaction with daylight. However, in hannah Oxys Genes are the oxygen molecules of air-tight and without direct contact with daylight present, thanks to cerasomen. This advanced transport system is based on skin's own ceramides, one type of vesicle tarweceramiden. The vegetable ceramides also have the capacity to reduce the photo-aging (or aging as a result of excessive UV radiation) drastically.

From the age of approximately 20 years of changes take place in the exchange of oxygen in the skin which leads to inevitable, that the skin is less well able to maintain itself in a good condition. Influences this process accelerator further include habits and environment. With the hannah Oxys Genes take skin cells according to need on the oxygen required, to form therefrom new energy. The result: a vital, fresh-looking and bright complexion! The skin feels silky soft, intensively fed, has a sturdy, resilient structure and is well perfused. hannah Oxys Genes is an absolute delight for any skin for whatever reason needs a renewed vitality thanks to the power of the elixir of life, pure oxygen !!


  • Hannah Oxys Genes is the morning and evening use.
  • After cleaning the skin and possibly the use of hannah Enzymatic Skin Peeling and / or hannah Active Lotion (which intensifies the effect) application on the facial skin and cleavage.
  • Massage the cream and spray then hannah Vitamin Complex over entire face.
  • Bring referred for intensive operation hannah Juvi-Lite and / or Personal Choice .
  • Also you can choose the sensitive skin conditions for the combination of hannah First Aid.
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