hannah Personal Choice 30 ml

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contains botox-like, natural working substance that is extracted from the Okraplant making this product is fine can be used for anti-aging personal choice picks up the volume of the skin by oil-soluble Vitamin C

The skin cells become less active as we age, cell division becomes slow, the volume decreases and the degeneration process is underway, with all its consequences! In addition to these biological factors also require mechanical factors such as mimetic expression and the force of gravity their toll in the course of the years. As long as there skin elasticity and muscle activity is present, is to treat the process of wrinkle formation. Ingredients extracted from brown algae provide a unique DNA protection against the sun and stress reactions, thanks to an anti-inflammatory effect.


  • After thoroughly cleansing the skin and possibly the first hannah Oxys Genes and / or hannah Juvi-Lite have made , then applying the hannah Personal Choice. < / li>
  • hannah Personal Choice works 24 hours, there will be sufficient 1 x daily but rather two xdaags more collagen structure.
  • The acnèhuid benefits from use of hannah Personal Choice
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