hannah Sparkling Spray 30 ml

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contains an exceptionally high content of natural Aloe Vera. This drug provides an increased transport of key ingredients from skin-enhancing products, thus having to use less cream. Moreover, the skin's moisture content gets through this intensive oasis on the surface a very powerful boost. A healthy glowing skin has a natural sparkle. Therefore, moisture and nourishment to the skin as important as food and drink for our body. It is therefore necessary in order to hydrate the skin before the other care and skin-enhancing products are applied.

Clear hannah Sparkling Spray also has a mattifying effect on excess shine on the skin, which would give a fresh, smooth and well-groomed appearance. The addition of various antioxidants, including vitamin C, provides increased protection against harmful environmental influences. The neutralized anisic acid in combination with the other high-grade ingredients, provides a transparent tintelfrisse preparation for the other products of the natural skin care products of hannah Clear!


  • After cleaning a few times hannah Sparkling Spray spray on the face, massage and then apply the daily hannah cream.
  • When the skin is shiny, it can be matted by also using the hannah Sparkling Spray after the cream is applied.
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