• IK Skin Perfection Medical Skincare Kit 3 Items
  • IK Skin Perfection Medical Skincare Kit 3 Items

IK Skin Perfection Medical Skincare Kit 3 Items

IK Skin Perfection Medical Skin care set is used when you are undergoing radiation, chemotherapy or other severe treatment with medication, or in the case of very sensitive skin, the Medical Kit is the solution. This extremely mild skin care contains no h
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IK Skin Perfection Medical Skin Care Kit

The Medical Skincare Kit focuses on skin care during irradiation, chemotherapy or other heavy treatment with medication. Radiation often leaves spots on the skin that have been burnt, such as during sunburn. It can also produce flakes and blisters on the skin. Chemotherapy can make the skin dry and dehydrated and make it grow old faster. The skin is also more irritable and extra sensitive. The condition of the skin can therefore deteriorate during chemo treatment or irradiation.

The products in the medical skincare kit have a more powerful effect than regular cosmetics and at the same time have fewer side effects than medicinal creams. They ensure that the skin calms down and becomes or remains healthy. The products are also suitable for very sensitive skin.

The Medical Kit contains the following products:

IK SILK+, this 3-in-1 cleanser removes make-up, cleanses the face, neck and décolleté and restores the pH value of the skin. The vitamins in this product support the production of new skin cells and provide extra energy for the skin.

IK RECOVER+, this is a soothing cream that provides instant and 24-hour illumination to extremely sensitive skin. This cream also nourishes the skin and provides hydration.

IK DE-ITCHY, this oil helps the (very) sensitive skin and scalp. This product is gentle on the skin, soothes and helps to renew and repair the skin after damage caused by, for example, medication, chemo, radiation, environmental and weather conditions. This oil also counteracts itching and ensures that dry skin becomes smoother and feels comfortable again.

Compatible with

The products in this set protect very sensitive skin and skin that is affected by chemo, radiation or other heavy treatment.

The products in this set can be used during the entire treatment.

Directions for use

All products in this kit can be used during chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

SILK+ is a cleaner that you use by massaging it over the face, neck and décolleté with moist hands every morning and evening. Then rinse with lukewarm water. Then pat the face dry and massage RECOVER+ with your hands over the face, neck and décolleté. These two steps are the basis of your facial care.

In addition, you can apply DE-ITCHY+ to the skin of your head, face, neck and décolleté every day after using SILK+. Dry spots elsewhere on the body can also be provided with a drop of oil. This oil helps prevent itching and nourishes the dry spots on your skin.

Together, these three products provide safe and gentle care and support your skin (barrier) during your intensive treatment.

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