• Marc Inbane Le Triplet Black

Marc Inbane Le Triplet Black

The MARC INBANE natural tanning spray is available in a gift set with a Glove and Power Brush. The Award Winning Natural Tanning Spray is the ultimate secret weapon for those who want a natural and evenly-tanned complexion all year round.
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Le Triplet Black

The MARC INBANE Le Triplet Black set consists of:

1x Natural Tanning Spray 200ml
1x Glove
1x Powder Brush

The luxury collection of MARC INBANE contains a handy Glove & Powder Brush, with which you can easily apply the Natural Tanning Spray from MARC INBANE.

With these handy tools, you get the most out of your tanning product.


How you use the Natural Tanning Spray

  • Shake well before use
  • Spray from ± 30 cm of the skin
  • Spray with quick short movements
  • Do not make a slow ' S ' movement
  • Drying time 10–15 minutes. You could be accelerated the drying time with the help of a hairdryer
  • Fully Incorporation After 3 hours. After this, you can shower, exercise, etc.

When using tanning spray results in A healthy, natural, and evenly tanned skin that lasts up to 5 days.


How you use the Glove:

Apply the tanning product evenly over the entire surface of the glove and rub the skin with smooth movements. The tanning products are spread evenly over the skin, so no spots or streaks will appear. You can enjoy a beautiful, brown even complexion.

Tip: Use the glove also for the face, neck, and décolleté.


How you use the Brush

Method 1:

  • Spray directly on the skin as described with the Natural Tanning Spray
  • Let the tanning spray dry for 10 seconds
  • Then move the brush over the surface in fast, smooth movements for an even result
  • Let the spray dry for 10-15 minutes; You could accelerate drying with the help of a hairdryer

Method 2:

  • Spray a little tanning fluid on the hairs of the Brush
  • Slightly drain off the excess liquid on a tissue
  • Then move the brush over the skin in quick, smooth movements to smoothen
  • Allow the spray to dry for 10-15 minutes; you could speed drying with a hairdryer

Cleaning tip:

Wash the hair of the Powder Brush with non-alcoholic soap or shampoo. Then rinse thoroughly with water until only clear water flushes out of the brush. Do not push too hard with your brushes; this is bad for the hair. The hairs can then stand apart. It is best to make ironing movements during cleaning. Use lukewarm or cold water. Don't place the Powder Brush on the side to dry. Also make sure that water doesn't come into contact with the wood, as the glue may come loose.

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