• IK Skin Perfection Matcha Teablend+ | Healthy Tea Boost 50gr

IK Skin Perfection Matcha Teablend+ | Healthy Tea Boost 50gr

IK Skin Perfection Matcha Teablend+ 50gr is a very healthy and rare Japanese tea full of antioxidants. The tea provides an optimal skin condition and has a beneficial effect on body and mind.
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IK Skin Perfection Matcha Teablend+ 50gr

Matcha tea is the oldest tea from Japan and is still there for a good reason: this tea is very good for the inside and outside of the body. When the inside of the body is well cared for, the outside also shines and the MATCHA TEABLEND+ helps. This teablend provides a healthy scalp and skin, stimulates the creation of new cells and supports the skin in case of skin problems. The tea also helps to combat skin aging.

Suitable for

The MATCHA TEABLEND+ is suitable for all skin types.

The MATCHA TEABLEND+ is very suitable for phase 2. In this phase, the skin is restored. Although Matcha tea provides extra support for the skin in phase 2, it can be drunk every day.

Directions for use

Two cups of Matcha tea a day are equivalent to drinking 10 cups of green tea a day and make it easy for you to ingest your daily portion of antioxidants.

Besides tea you can make a lot more with Matcha. The MATCHA TEABLEND+ can be used in salad dressings, gravy, cakes, ice cream or smoothie, for example. In sauces or gravy half a teaspoon is often enough, in a smoothie you could use 1 teaspoon of MATCHA TEABLEND+. Use the teablend mainly to your own taste.

After opening, store the Matcha tea in the refrigerator. Using a plastic or Matcha spoon will prevent the tea from oxidizing.

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