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The best skin care products from Het Cosmeticahuis (102)

At Het Cosmeticahuis, you don't have to search long for the perfect care for your skin. From the countless brands that are available, we have already made a selection for you.


At Het Cosmeticahuis, you don't have to search long for the perfect care for your skin. From the countless brands that are available, we have already made a selection for you: with us, you will only find the best skincare. For cleaning, exfoliating, and feeding your hands to your feet, and everything in between, we have the right products in the range.


To find the right product, you can use the filters at the top of this page. By making a suitable choice for you under the filters target group, skin type, skin problem, and goal, the products come forward that fit your skin and your wishes.

Would you prefer to browse through the webshop yourself? For your convenience, we have arranged our skincare products in the following categories.

Our skincare products:

Body Cream

The Body Cream is a thicker nourishing and caring cream that can be used all over the body. A Body Cream prevents the skin from becoming dry and ensures that the skin remains hydrated. We offer body creams from the brands hannah, Juliette Armand,Cenzaa, Image Skincare, MesoesteticMud & More, etc.

Body Milk

A Body Milk is an oil-in-water product that has a slightly hydrating and cooling effect. Milk is thinner than a cream or a lotion and absorbs faster, but is also somewhat less nourishing. The Cenzaa Calming Body Relief, for example, is airy and calming milk and is very suitable for sensitive skin types and as an after-sun.

Body oil

The Body Oils from hannah and Kimberly Parry are both caring oils that can be used all over the body. These Body Oils are especially suitable for (very) dry skin and have a robust nourishing effect. Makes rough and dry skin shiny and smooth again, body oil is the perfect product.

Body butter

Every skin type benefits from a hydrating Body Butter. Even the driest skin can feel wonderfully soft again using a good Body Butter. The luxury and ultimate nourishing Body, Butters from Cenzaa skincare products from our webshop, is a party for every skin.

Body Scrub

With a Body Scrub, dead skin cells disappear from the skin. Through scrubbing, the skin feels softer, the skin looks more radiant, and the care that is subsequently applied can penetrate better into the skin. Besides, we also have peels in the webshop that gently remove dead skin cells and make the skin shine again.

Body Lotion

Body Lotion is very suitable for the daily care of the skin. A body lotion nourishes and nourishes the skin and absorbs quickly. In addition to these properties, the Body Lotions from Cenzaa strengthen the surface and let the skin shine by giving it a healthy shine.

Bath products

You will find a variety of bath products in our webshop. For example, there is the Shower Treatment from hannah: a soothing and nourishing shower oil that is even suitable for dehydrated and sensitive skin. There are different Bath Experiences from Cenzaa: bath oils for different skin types and experiences such as Energetic Bath or Calming Bath. We also offer the Tyro Bath & Shower gels for daily use.

Hand lotion

In winter, we will prevent dry hands and chaps, and in summer, it is ideal for protecting your hands against the sun: a good hand cream can be used well all year round. The Oolaboo Super Foodies Hand Lotion, for example, takes care of your hands based on Japanese Matcha tea, while Kimberly Parry uses purely natural ingredients. Caring hand soap is also available in the webshop.


Sun protection

Winter, spring, summer or fall, sun protection is always one of the essential forms of skincare. It protects the skin against the harmful influences of the sun and premature skin aging. In our webshop, we have a wide choice of sun protection from hannah, and Cenzaa, among others.


Immerse yourself completely in your favorite scent, at Cenzaa you can. For example, combine the Cenzaa Rebalancing Bath Experience with the Rebalancing Body Relief and finish with the Rebalancing Body Mist. You smell high all day long. There are several scent lines from Cenzaa available in the webshop, as well as a wonderfully fresh and sensual eau de toilette for men.


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