Body scrub

Calming Body Scrub

Inspire your senses and let your skin feel enchantingly soft with the calming properties and fascinating scent of Calming Body Scrub Himalayan Salt.



Rebalancing Body Scrub

Bathing and scrubbing is an effective way to stimulate the energy flow in your body and to remove waste products.



Sweet Body Scrub

Inspired by the Eastern tradition of bathing and scrubbing, Cenzaa has developed an aromatic fragrance trip based on purifying minerals. Pamper your skin with the ancient salt crystals of Sweet Himalayan Salt for a soothing and harmonizing effect.



Energetic Body Scrub

Enjoy the unique fragrance aroma of pure salt crystals and the pleasant feeling of vitality. With Energetic Body Scrub Himalayan Salt you forget the busy, daily life and your energy will flow again.



Renewal Body Polish

The Renewal Body Scrub makes your skin super smooth and smooth and stimulates cell renewal. The scrub leaves your skin feeling silky soft, with a fresh glow and an invigorating fragrance experience.



Effective Scrub Wash

This foaming cleansing gel contains small abrasive particles that effectively cleanse the skin and remove dead skin cells. By adding Jojoba the skin is softened and the fluid balance is maintained.



Black Exfoliator

A treatment with the black exfoliator prior to a spray tan evens out rough skin and results in a longer tan.



Body Peeling 150 ml

This high performance enzyme peel with active ingredients causes, without burdening the skin that it comes back in optimal condition.



Scrub Plus Tube 200 ml

hannah skincare - hannah Scrub Plus is a peel that removes the dead skin cells from the skin. These can choke your skin causing less activity and circulation in the skin. This makes the skin look faded and gray.



Soft Sugar Scrub 150ml

A revitalizing bodypolish that effectively refines the skin and gives immediate results. Natural particles polish and rejuvenate the skin, remove dead skin cells, refresh the complexion. Seduce the senses with a silky feel.



Body Spa - Exfoliating Body Scrub

Body Spa - Exfoliating Body Scrub is a body exfoliator that perfectly stimulates the skin. A two-sided exfoliating system with walnut peels provides an intensive peeling and almond oil for care by encapsulated vitamin E.



Natural Sea Salt [fijn] 250gr

A treatment with Extenso Natural Sea Salt smoothes the skin and promotes a good moisture balance.



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