Skin Health

Skin Secure

The large proportion of omega-3 fats in Skin Secure helps to feed the cells with good fats such as EPA and DHA.



Skin Defense

Skin Defense, together with Skin Secure, can support the self-healing ability of the body to regain the balance, so that better and, above all, faster results can be achieved with the nutritional adjustment.



Skin Clear

Skin Clear supports the skin naturally from the inside with plant extracts like gum Guggel and herbal extracts to protect the skin and regulate sebum production.



Cleansing Cure & Mask

Cleansing Cure & Mask is a special type of clay, calcium montmorillonite clay, which deep cleanses the skin.



Ultimate Purifying Supplement

Tyro Ultimate Purifying Supplement is an advanced supplement for oily or combination skin with impurities.



Aloë Vit Emulsion 75ml

Extenso Aloe Vit Emulsion is a multifunctional vitamin cocktail that nourishes the skin, increases its resistance and prevents premature skin aging.



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