Scratch & Win Promotion


Our Scratch and Win promotion will start on November 4, 2019, giving away a total of 750 gifts. We are happy to explain how this promotion works:

What can you win:

3 x Cenzaa Fragrance Collection worth € 79.95

5 x Cenzaa Grand Allure Set worth € 52.35

400 x NWYRK Smart Repair worth 40.25

50 x Coupon code worth 10% off your entire purchase

75 x Coupon code with a 7.5% discount on your complete purchase

200 x Coupon code worth 5% off your entire purchase


How can you participate:

That is very simple, make a purchase in our store between November 4 and November 30, 2019, and you will receive a free Scratch & Win ticket with your order. Once you have received the package, you can scratch the scratch card, and you will immediately see what the gift is and the discount code with which you can redeem the present in our webshop.


What are the conditions:

  1. You can redeem a maximum of 1 coupon code per order
  2. Your repeat purchase must be a minimum order value of 75 euros
  3. You can redeem the coupon code in the period from 3 December to 31 December, the code doesn't work before this date
  4. This promotion is not valid with other offers


How do I redeem my discount code:

Make sure you place an order with a value of at least 75 euros, then also add the won gift to your order. Then go to the checkout and enter the discount code stated on the card and press apply, the total amount of the present will return in a 100% discount.

If you have won one of the discount codes for the entire assortment, the discount will be processed immediately; here too, the minimum order amount must be 75 euros.

Note: before you confirm the order, please check whether the discount is processed


View the gifts that you can win here

Scratch & Win Promotion
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