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Scars? We have the right skin care products for this.

Scars are damage to the skin. In that case, the skin is so damaged that it starts to make connective tissue to close the loss. This connective tissue differs from the healthy tissue of the skin and forms the scar.


Scars come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are caused by acne, sometimes by an accident or an operation, and there are still many ways in which scars can form. You must care well for injuries, and there are unique products that provide extra support for the skin. In this article, we will teach you more about the care of this skin type and which products we have in the range for that.


What are the scars?

Scars are damage to the skin. In that case, the skin is so damaged that it starts to make connective tissue to close the loss. This connective tissue differs from the healthy tissue and forms the scar; This does not happen if only the epidermis is damaged. Scars usually give a few complaints, except that they can be very unsightly. With the right care, however, they stand out less.


Don't do it better

This skin type is very delicate, and it is essential to handle it with care. Sun can burn this new skin without pigment immensely, so it is not advisable to go into the sun without protection.

It is also important not to wait too long to properly care for the area of the skin on which the scars are visible. The sooner the surface is properly cared for, the more beautiful it heals. During the healing of the skin, it is, of course, essential not to pick or scratch crusts, this ensures that the wounds do not heal nicely.


The right care

Proper care for every skin type starts with a good cleaning. The skin with scars can be delicate, so it is essential to clean the surface gently. Extenso Impurity Cleansing Mousse is a fat-free mousse that dissolves impurities and effectively removes grease and dirt. Natural ingredients such as white tea and tea tree promote the skin's inherent healing power. Another good mild cleanser is the hannah Cleansing Milk. This cleansing is pH skin neutral so that the natural protective cover of the skin is not disturbed so that it is not unnecessarily dehydrated.

What is essential for every skin type, but even more so for this skin type: use a good moisturizing cream. This cream keeps the skin supple, and applying the cream massages the scar, which makes it fade earlier. It is essential to use the right cream without irritating ingredients.

Image Restoring Post Treatment Scar Gel is an advanced scar gel developed by reconstructive plastic surgeons. It helps to minimize the appearance and discoloration of scars. It visibly reduces the thickness and roughness of injuries. Hannah Remodeling Cream is primarily for use with scars, burns, rosacea, and eczema. The extremely high percentage of natural vitamin E ensures the repair of damaged skin cells.

Another product that can help the skin is the Cenzaa Microdermabrasion Polish. This product gently polishes the skin. The exclusively formulated scrub cream smoothes and refines the texture and texture of your skin without damaging or irritating the skin. Unevenness, fine lines, coarse pores, wrinkles, and scars will visibly soften.

Finally, it is essential to adequately protect the skin with scars against the sun by at least a factor of 30. The Juliette Armand Sunfilm Face Gel is an excellent sun protector that also smoothes the skin slightly at the same time. Juliette Armand also has a Face Film with SPF 50, ideal for this skin type. The IK Skin Perfection SUN SPF 50+ hydrates the skin and, at the same time, ensures excellent sun protection with a factor of 50.

It is, therefore, essential to be careful with skin with scars. Make sure that the skin remains well hydrated and protected from the sun. The bumps are, of course, never pleasant but can be made less visible by gently polishing the surface and using camouflage creams.



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