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Shampoo against greasy hair

Oily hair is often limp, lifeless and difficult to style. Therefore, take extra good care of it with a shampoo against oily hair.


Greasy hair shampoo

If you have greasy hair, it is usually because your hair contains too much sebum. The sebaceous glands on your scalp then work too fast, and sebum is produced quicker and more significantly. On your scalp, the sebum is mixed with sweat; when you run your hands through your hair or brush your hair, the grease is spread throughout your hair. Result: an utterly greasy hairstyle. To avoid this, it is best to buy an oily hair shampoo.

Tips for greasy hair care

If you suffer from greasy hair quickly, try the following tips:

  • Wash your hair less often. Try not to wash them every day, but every other day. This way, you train your scalp, making it less likely to become oily.
  • Rinse your shampoo very well. Soap residue left in your hair will make your hair greasy even faster. It is therefore essential to rinse your hair thoroughly - preferably with cold water.
  • Use conditioner on the ends of your hair and as little as possible on the scalp. Conditioners on the scalp often make your hair greasy, so use them on the backs of your hair.
  • Do not brush your hair too long and too hard. This stimulates the sebaceous glands, and more sebum is not what you want for oily hair.
  • Don't run your hands and fingers through your hair too much. There is dirt and grease on your hands that you transfer to your hair, making it greasy even faster.