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Cleansing wipes

With cleansing wipes, you remove makeup and dirt from your face effortlessly & quickly.

hannah compress cloth
hannah Compress cloth for fresh skin! Dirt and make-up residues build up in the pores during the day. By using a microwave compress cloth during cleaning, you give the skin an optimal cleaning and an extra hydration boost. Because you heat the damp cloth in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds and then cover your face with it, you clean the skin intensively and in depth. The microwave compress gives off instant steam, which your skin will thank you for. It is also ideal for hands and décolleté. Benefits of Kompress cloth: Provides an intensive cleansing of the skin The skin gets an extra moisture boost Ensures better absorption of active ingredients from care products Tip: always test the heat of the compress on the inside of your hands or under the chin before applying it to the face. Size: 52x31 cm
Image Skincare I Beauty - Refreshing Facial Wipes (30 wipes)
I BEAUTY - Refreshing Facial Wipes I BEAUTY - Refreshing Facial Wipes I BEAUTY - Refreshing Facial Wipes are gentle cleansing wipes that effortlessly remove even the most stubborn make-up and impurities. They contain a combination of superfruits, coffee and plant extracts. Aloe vera and cucumber extracts soothe and stimulate the skin. The Benefits of Refreshing Facial Wipes: Multi-action facial cleansing wipes, suitable for all skin types Removes the most stubborn (eye) make-up; even waterproof mascara Aloe vera and cucumber extracts soothe and stimulate the skin Rich in antioxidants Gives new energy to tired skin How to use Refreshing Facial Wipes: Remove your make-up by gently swiping I BEAUTY - Refreshing Facial Wipes over the face. Then use your favourite IMAGE Skincare cleanser for optimal cleaning. Close the packaging well after use. Tips from the professional Also suitable as a quick-fix eye mask! To do this, turn a cloth half a turn so that you fold it into a butterfly shape. Then put it under the eyes for up to 10 minutes. Important ingredients: A mix of superfruits: pomegranate, mangosteen and açai. Rich in antioxidants. A mix of nourishing and moisturizing ingredients: aloe vera, coffee and cucumber. Softened and rich in antioxidants. Green tea: a powerful antioxidant with protective properties.
Image Skincare CLEAR CELL - Clarifying Salicylic Pads 60st
Clarifying Salicylic Pads Clear Cell - Clarifying Pads contain a blend of Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid to effectively remove impurities and excess skin oils. These provide a deep cleaning of clogged pores and ensure clean, fresh skin. A blend of antioxidants and soothing ingredients reduce acne redness. Excellent to take with you on a trip and to use after physical activity. The benefits of Clarifying Salicylic Pads: AHA/ BHA cleanser Gently removes excess sebum and bacteria that lie on the skin Deep cleansing for clogged pores Refreshes the skin with essential herbal extract Ideal for when travelling to cleanse the skin How to use Clarifying Salicylic Pads: Use one pad at a time and gently massage the face or affected areaIdeal for acne on the back, shoulders, chest, ingrown hairs in the beard area, buttocks or pubic area. After use, apply an oil-free sunscreen such as Prevention+ Tinted or Matte when going out into the sun. Tips from the professional These pads are ideal for on the go and to use on inflamed hair follicles in the beard area or intimate areas. Use the pads preventively 2 to 3 times a week on the affected area. Skin type Acne grade 1 & 2 teenage skin Fat skin
Rawa Secrets Skin cleansing washcloths 5pcs
Rawa Secrets Skin cleansing washcloths A silky skin cleansing washcloth with the unique RS Fiber has a natural peeling effect, removing excess sebum and dead skin cells. At the same time, blood circulation is promoted without affecting the natural pH value of the skin. How do the Skin cleansing washcloths work The skin cleansing washcloth cleanses the skin deep into the pores and removes makeup and creams. The skin is noticeably smoother and visibly more radiant after use. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive and problem skin. Dermatologically tested with the result 'very good'. What are the benefits of the Skin cleansing washcloths Removes excess sebum Removes dead skin cells How to use the Skin cleansing washcloths Wet the skin cleansing washcloth with lukewarm water and cleanse the face and neck. Can be cleaned in the washing machine after use, up to 90 degrees. Do not use fabric softener. Instead, you can put it in the dryer.
Naïf Plastic Free Baby Wipes 3 x 54 tissues
Naïf Plastic Free Wipes When you have a baby, piles of wipes go through it. So nice if they are good for your baby, but also for the planet. So plastic-free. Naïf Plastic Free Wipes for Baby & Kids are made from eucalyptus fibres, making them 100% biodegradable! The packaging is made of bioplastic from sugar cane. 'But do wipes contain plastic?', you may wonder. A standard pack of wipes is equivalent to the amount of plastic in 2 PET bottles. We're not just talking about the packaging, but also the wipes themselves. So yes, there is quite a bit of plastic in it. As for good for the baby: the plastic-free wipes consist of 99% water, are free of alcohol, perfume and chemical preservatives. So minimal chance of a skin reaction. As a result, you can safely use them for buttocks, body and face (and your own hands!). Please note: the wipes can be thrown away with the residual waste. So don't flush them down the toilet. The benefits of Naïf Plastic Free Wipes Natural ingredients Natural plastic-free wipes for babies and children Wipes made of eucalyptus fibres, without plastic Packaging made of bioplastic based on sugar cane Consists of 99% water Alcohol-free and perfume-free Prevents dry skin, allergic reaction and skin irritation Cleans and cares for buttocks, body and face Without microplastics, mineral oils or silicones Don't stick together Suitable for sensitive baby skin, also extremely dry skin and eczema Developed and produced in the Netherlands 100% vegan and ocean friendly Dermatologically tested Recommended by hospitals, maternity care and parents This is how you use Naïf Plastic Free Wipes Make sure you have clean hands. While changing, open the package with one hand and hold your baby with the other hand. Wipe the area well and don't forget the creases. Close the packaging tightly afterwards to prevent it from drying out. Ingredients Aqua, Glycerin, Hydroxyacetophenone, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid
Synergie Skin Gentle X-foliating cloth
Synergy Gentle X-foliating cloth This amazing face cloth, made of 100% Muslin, will amaze you with its gentle exfoliating properties. It is the perfect ally to effectively remove makeup and dirt residues, and to give your skin a radiant glow. What makes the Synergy Skin X-foliating-cloth so great? First of all, it is reusable, which means it offers an eco-friendly alternative to facial cleansers that are thrown away after use. In addition, it is made of a soft exfoliating fabric that consists of 100% cotton. So you can be confident that it not only cleanses your skin thoroughly, but also gently exfoliates without irritation. The quick-drying nature of the X-foliating-cloth makes it extra convenient. After each use, you can simply rinse it off and let it dry. And as icing on the cake, this cloth is machine-washable and bacteria-resistant, keeping it clean and hygienic at all times. To ensure that you can enjoy this cloth to the fullest, it comes with a handy sealable storage pouch. This way, you can always carry it easily without fear of damage or contamination. This is exactly how to use the Synergy Skin X-foliating-cloth? Using it is easy! Simply use the X-foliating-cloth together with your favorite facial cleanser to thoroughly remove makeup and impurities. After each use, rinse the cloth thoroughly and let it dry. This way, you can enjoy a clean and radiant face time after time. With the Synergy Skin X-foliating-cloth you get an essential beauty product you don't want to miss. Treat yourself to a beneficial cleansing routine and enjoy healthy, polished skin!

Clean your face with cleansing wipes

Are you looking for a quick way to cleanse your face and get rid of dirt and make-up? Then cleansing wipes are the product for you.

You wipe the cleansing wipes over your face to remove the first traces of make-up and dirt.

We see cleansing wipes as the first step in cleansing your face to remove make-up. Just using cleansing wipes to cleanse your face is not enough. To deeply wash your face every morning and evening, we recommend using a facial cleanser after cleansing wipes. You then apply the double cleanse method: remove the superficial dirt and make-up with the cleansing wipes and wash your face with a facial cleanser (milk, oil, gel, or cream).