IK Skin Perfection

The philosophy of IK Skin Perfection

The skin is the largest organ of the body and deserves attention. The goal of IK Skin Perfection is to make you aware of your skin and your choices. With respect, love and protection of and for the earth and your skin, they have made conscious choices.

In the development of IK Skin Perfection, our starting point is the skin's natural condition and flora. With this vision I am building with you on the inner and outer health. Various factors can cause the skin to become unbalanced. To bring your skin back to a healthy basis, they work with 100% pure, powerful, organic ingredients - cosmeceuticals - and develop products according to the NO label. This means that they are constantly looking for the finest natural ingredients on earth with the highest possible active ingredients. They combine these for the best results, without working with synthetic substances such as mineral oils, parabens, synthetic fragrances and dyes.

Each product has a unique formula with ingredients that have been formulated to reinforce each other's action. The pH value in the I Skin Perfection products is based on the natural pH value of the skin. This keeps the acidity of your skin flora in balance and prevents the skin from drying out and impurities from getting free play.

Through its experience with cosmeceuticals and skin science, IK Skin Perfection is able to achieve visible, demonstrable, beautiful results for every skin desire or problem.

Pure Power, Truly Natural.

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