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Eye gel

Moisturize, soothe and protect the eyes with a special eye gel. 

Make-Up Studio 2-Way Gel for Shiny & Glimmer Effects 9ml
With this gel as a basis, you can easily put a glitter eyeliner or a glitter effect in the inner corner of the eye. The gel fixes the glitter on the skin to apply it nicely concentrated and does not flutter.   The benefits of 2-Way Gel for Shiny & Glimmer Effects High color intensity Ultimate fixation For a long-lasting result No fallout   This is how you use 2-Way Gel for Shiny & Glimmer Effects. Apply a thin layer of transparent 2-Way Gel to the desired location with the brush from the package. Then place the glitter over the gel with the help of a brush or cotton swab. Suitable for applying glitter eyeliner, glitter effect on the eyelid, or in the inner corner of the eye. Also suitable for use on other parts of the face.
HydroPeptide Uplift 15ml
HydroPeptide Uplift This uplifting eye gel instantly soothes and softens tired, sensitive eyes. Puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles are minimized. Suitable for all skin types, especially eyes with sagging, dehydration or sensitivity. Benefits of Uplift: Visibly elevators, firms and tightens Reduces fine lines and wrinkles Restores hydration and reduces moisture loss Soothes and softens How to use Uplift: Use ring finger to apply half a pea-sized amount directly onto the eyelid, working up to the brow bone and around the eye contour May be used during the day and evening
Pier Augé Eye Gel PA 24 15ml
EYE GEL PA 24 Complete eye contour treatment. This non-sticky eye gel with fresh gel texture protects, moisturizes, relaxes and combats skin aging around the eyes. The benefits of EYE GEL PA 24 Protects the eye contour. Reduces wrinkles, lines and dark circles. Also reduces puffiness and dark circles This is how to use EYE GEL PA 24 Morning and evening after cleansing, apply under the eyes with light patting movements of the fingertips from the inside to the outside to stimulate microcirculation. Active ingredients:  Hyaluronic acid: hydrates intensively upon application. Retains water in the core of the epidermis, regulates the skin's natural hydration. Maintains the skin's suppleness and elasticity. Green tea: soothes and fights swelling of the eyelids. Aesculin: extracted from the horse chestnut tree, acts on bags under the eyes by stimulating microcirculation in the skin. Vitamin C: antioxidant, fights aging, stimulates collagen synthesis. Bifidus extract: natural probiotic that stimulates skin protection and repairs cell damage. Protects against premature skin aging, especially caused by UV. HP (highly polymerized) DNA: the fundamental element of our cells. Powerfulantioxidant that traps free radicals and combats skin aging. Holds up to 10,000 timesits weight in water. Regenerates cells and enhances the action of other active
RevitaLash AquaBlur 15ml
RevitaLash AquaBlur™ A simple, gentle and effective hydrating eye gel that can be used with or without makeup to hydrate. Protects and smoothes the eye area, while supporting the health of eyebrows and eyelashes. An oil-free, vitamin-infused and antioxidant-rich formula. The benefits of RevitaLash AquaBlur™: Hyaluronic Acid: A natural humectant that can hold 1000 times its weight in water, it provides suppleness, hydration for optimal moisture balance and a visibly smoother and firmer-looking skin texture. Kombucha (black tea ferment): rich in beneficial vitamins, antioxidants and restorative organic acids. Kombucha improves skin tone, smooths texture, refreshes skin and can help repair damage caused by environmental stressors. Sea Kelp: A nutrient-rich marine plant with excellent hydration and anti-inflammatory benefits to soothe the skin. Biotin: Supports the health of lashes and eyebrows by conditioning and strengthening, making it easier to apply makeup. Panthenol and Vitamin E: Helps strengthen and condition lashes and brows to improve flexibility, and prevent breakage and brittleness. What does RevitaLash AquaBlur™ do? multi-purpose lightweight eye gel moisturizes the delicate eye area, minimizes fine lines and smoothes the skin. Adds flexibility to the lashes and eyebrows. Contains highly effective ingredients that replenish moisture, protect against stress factors and strengthen eyelashes and eyebrows, creating a perfect base for make-up. RevitaLash AquaBlur™ is the solution for: Sensitive skin and eyes Dull or dry skin An uneven skin How to use RevitaLash AquaBlur™ Apply RevitLash® Advanced and RevitaBrow® Advanced once a day as directed and allow to dry completely. STEP 1: Apply up to half a pump of AquaBlur on fingertip morning and night. STEP 2: Gently apply to closed eyes including eyelashes, eyebrows, and under-eye contours. Once the product is completely absorbed, follow the skincare and makeup   RevitaLash AquaBlur™ is: Ophthalmologist Reviewed, Dermatologist Reviewed, Clinically Tested, Hypoallergenic, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free, Fragrance-Free, Safe to use witheyelash extensions, Vegan-friendly, Gluten-free, Oil-free, Cruelty-free, Made in the USA

Why an eye gel?

When you use a lot of eye makeup, the thin skin around your eyes can be sensitive and irritate. Use a special eye gel to moisturize, soften, and protect the skin around your eyes. An eye gel improves the skin's health around the eyes, eyebrows, and eyelashes. 

In addition, an eye gel minimizes fine lines and smoothens the skin. This ensures that your eyes are perfectly prepared and protected against eye makeup applied afterward.