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Hand Soap

Make your hands feel clean and fresh with a hand soap. 


Why use hand soap?

All-day long, our hands touch objects. They come into contact with food (leftovers), bacteria, viruses, and fungi. To get your hands fresh and clean, use hand soap. A hand soap makes your hands clean and new and cares for them. Using hand soap daily helps prevent the transmission of infectious diseases and ensures general hygiene. Excessive use of soap can dry out your skin, but good soap cares for the skin of your hands. Do you still get dry hands from frequent hand washing? Then check out our hand creams and hand masks. These will give your hands a silky soft treatment. 

Hand washing without water

Would you like to be able to wash your hands, but is it not possible to wash your hands with soap and water? Then take a look at our hand disinfection gels. Hand gels do not require water but give you new and clean hands.