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Hide blemishes such as blemishes, redness and pigment spots on your face by using a makeup concealer (concealer).

What is a concealer?

With a concealer, you work away irregularities on your face. Think of redness, pigmentation, and dark circles under the eyes. You camouflage all these irregularities with a concealer and create an even complexion.

Camouflage colors

It is essential to choose a concealer color that matches your skin tone. This is to prevent the camouflage from being very visible. In addition to skin tone camouflage concealers, there are also color concealers. These colors help to hide specific blemishes:

  • Yellow: a yellow concealer is suitable for eliminating veins, pigmentation, and dark circles.
  • Green: the color green neutralizes the color red. If you suffer from redness on your face and want to camouflage it, it is best to choose a green concealer.
  • Light concealer: if you choose a lighter concealer than your skin tone, you can use the concealer as a highlighter.