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Everything for a perfect care of the aged skin

This skin type seems very easy to recognize by the sagging, wrinkles, and lines. However, more features of aging skin may be less noticeable or known. This skin can also suffer from a poorer blood circulation


The Cosmeticahuis is the right place for the care of aging skin. This skin type benefits from specific care specially made for this skin. If you don't know what your skin type is, then it might be an idea to visit a beautician. He or she can tell you precisely what your skin type is. Do you already know that you have aged skin, but you do not yet know how to best care for it? Then read on, on this page, we will tell you everything about it.


Recognize aged skin

This skin type seems very easy to recognize by the sagging, wrinkles, and lines. There are, however, more features of skin aging that may be less conspicuous or known. This skin can also suffer from weaker blood circulation, pigmentation spots, and coarser pores. The skin can also be lifeless and dull or dry due to a shortage of moisture and fat. Fortunately, Het Cosmeticahuis has all products that help to care for this skin type properly.


Do not do with skin aging

The first cause of skin aging is sun exposure. It is, therefore, important not to expose the skin to the sun without using sun protection. Smoking is terrible for health anyway, but it also visibly affects the skin and causes skin aging.
Sleeping with makeup still on is also a real trick: this ensures that the skin gets wrinkles faster. Proper cleansing can significantly help the skin.


Take care of the aged skin

The following applies to all skin types: proper skin care starts with proper cleansing. Clean the surface every morning and evening, even when you have not worn makeup, or it appears that the skin is not dirty. At least the air always contaminates the surface it is in all day. Good cleaners for this skin type are cleaners that do not clean too aggressively. Milk or oil is the right choice. Cenzaa Velvet Creamy Milk is milk that cleanses gently, just like Tyro Rosa Canina Cleansing Milk. hannah Cleansing Oil is an excellent example of very suitable cleaning oil.

For older skin, it is also important to gently exfoliate the skin once or twice a week or to use a peel. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, which makes the skin look more radiant. Care products are also absorbed better through the skin. A mild peeling is the hannah Enzymatic Skin Peeling. The Extenso Pure Active Peeling contains many moisture-binding components and makes the skin look fresh and radiant again. Prefer scrubbing? The IK Skin Perfection SCRUB + 3-in-1 scrub formula has an intensive cleansing effect and is peeling, lysing, and scrub in 1 product. After use, you have a radiant and clear complexion.

After cleansing the skin, you must provide it with a good cream. An anti-aging cream is naturally very suitable for this skin type.
The Juliette Armand Retinoid C Cream is a restorative 24- hour cream with a high content of Retinol and vitamin C. This combination helps to reduce wrinkles, softens, and smoothes the skin while creating a radiant complexion. The Tyro Superior Anti-Age Night Cream is an intensive night cream to combat multiple signs of skin aging and an excellent choice for the night.

Occasionally applying a mask is not only very beautiful and relaxing but also very good for the skin. This skin could use some extra hydration and care. Good choices include the Tyro Supreme Anti-age Mask and the hannah Cell Active.

What is essential for every skin, but especially for older skin, is excellent sun protection. The Cenzaa Sunshield is the right choice because it not only protects against the sun but also actively prevents skin aging. The Juliette Armand Sunfilm Face Gel is sun protection that can be applied over daily care if you like to use your regular creams. In any case, do not go into the sun unprotected!

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