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Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is often dry and easily irritated, so you will often experience itching, redness and flaking. With the right skin care products, ingredients and skin care routine, you can improve your skin type.


Bisabolol: derived from chamomile. Works antiseptically, anti-inflammatory and healing. It counteracts redness and reduces and soothes skin irritations.

Green tea: rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory.

Niacinamide: this natural antioxidant protects the skin, effectively combats the first signs of skin aging and reduces redness and irritation.

Liquorice root extract: soothes the skin and reduces irritation and flaking. In addition, it reduces skin discoloration and superficial pigmentation.

bisabolol op je huid

Take care of your sensitive skin

Give your sensitive skin a rest and allow it time to recover. Follow a simple skincare routine, building up gradually. Start by cleansing your face in the morning with water and at night with a gentle, non-foaming cleanser. Then apply a soothing cream that helps restore the skin barrier and soothe irritation. Avoid ingredients such as alcohol, perfumes and dyes that can cause possible irritations. Always test new products on the inside of your elbow first and stop using if irritation occurs. Protect your skin by using a physical/mineral sunscreen. This is because the risk of irritation or allergic reactions is very low with these sunscreens.

Skin advice

It can sometimes be difficult to find the right products that are perfect for your skin. Whether you're looking for products to soothe your sensitive skin or need personalized advice, we're here to help. 

By filling out our "Customized Skin Advice" form, our certified skin coaches will provide you with a personal skin analysis. This way you know exactly which products are best suited for your specific skin type. The product advice also tells you how and when to use the products. 


Skin care for sensitive skin




Sensitive skin

A sensitive skin is often dry and easily irritated. For this reason, you will probably suffer from itching, redeness and flaking. Below you can find our selection of products suitable for a sensitive skin.