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Different skin types

Every skin is different. We therefore find it important to be able to give you the best possible skin advice and the right skin care products accordingly. The division we make is based on the amount of fat and moisture present in the skin. Make a choice below based on your skin type:

All Skin Types

This includes all skin types.

Normal Skin

My skin feels smooth and supple. I have an even glow and my pores are visible, but not too large.

Oily Skin

My skin is shiny, mainly on my forehead, nose and chin. My pores are enlarged and my skin feels thick and rough.

Impure Skin

I suffer from pimples, blackheads or acne.

Dry Skin

I have thin skin that produces little sebum. My skin quickly looks red, irritated and flaky.

Sensitive Skin

My skin gets irritated easily and often feels dry. I suffer from itching, redness and flaking.

Dehydrated Skin

My skin feels very tight and I see very fine lines on my skin.

Aged Skin

My skin is not as elastic anymore and I get age spots and/or wrinkles.

Young Skin

I have an even complexion and my skin shows no sagging or dry/flaky patches.