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Hand Sanitizer

Clean your hands easily and quickly with a hand sanitizer. 


What is hand sanitizer?

Hand disinfection is the disinfection of hands with hand alcohol/hand disinfectant gel. This is done on dry hands.

Advantages of hand disinfection

The advantage of hand disinfection is that it is a faster and more effective way of cleaning hands. It kills almost all microorganisms present in the hands.

Treating your hands with hand disinfection also causes more minor damage to the skin than washing hands with soap and water. Water and soap can dry out your hands. 

Another advantage is that you do not need water with hand sanitizer. For example, are you on the road and don't have water available? Then you can still clean your hands with hand disinfection.

How to use hand disinfectant gel

  1. Put the hand disinfectant in the palm of your dry hand so that the hollow of your hand is filled with gel.
  2. Rub the palms of your hands over each other
  3. Rub the palm of your hand over the back of your other hand
  4. Rub between your fingers, with the palms of your hands together
  5. Squeeze your fingers together and rub the back of your fingers against the palm of your other hand
  6. Swirl the thumb of your hand around in your fist of your other hand (repeat for the other thumb)
  7. Rub the tips of your fingers into the palm of your other hand
  8. Let your hands' air dry for about 10 seconds