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Every skin needs proper care. Some skin is a little easier than others. Skin with too much pigmentation can use some extra attention and benefits greatly from using the right products for this skin problem. Read more here about how to properly care for skin with excess pigmentation and which products we recommend.


Glycol acid: this fruit acid (AHA) removes dead skin cells and creates radiant skin.

Niacinamide: this natural antioxidant protects the skin, effectively combats the first signs of skin aging and reduces redness and irritation.

Vitamin C: strong antioxidant that leaves the skin glowing. Counteracts hyperpigmentation, inflammatory reactions and loss of firmness caused by skin aging.

Liquorice root extract: soothes the skin and reduces irritation and flaking. It also reduces skin discoloration and superficial pigmentation.

Gepigmenteerde huid

How to take care of pigmentation

With pigmented skin, it is important to protect it properly from the sun. This is how to prevent new pigmentation spots from forming. The sun is the biggest cause of the appearance of new pigmentation spots. It is therefore important to apply a cream with at least SPF30 every day - even when the sun is not shining. This not only helps prevent pigmentation spots, but also protects the skin from premature aging.

Choose a day cream with SPF and brightening ingredients such as vitamin C, niacinamide or licorice root extract. 

Skin advice

In our wide range of products it is sometimes difficult to find the right products for your skin. Are you looking for suitable products that reduce pigmentation and dark spots in your skin or do you want specific skin advice? Then discover our tailored skin advice.

By filling out our 'Tailor-made skin advice' form, we can give you a targeted skin analysis to see which products are recommended for your skin or skin problem. 


The right care for skin with pigmentation




What is excess pigmentation?

An excess of pigment in the skin is called hyperpigmentation. This can occur on the face, but also on the rest of the body. It is caused by an overproduction of melanin: the skin's own protection against the sun, a kind of natural sunscreen. The overproduction of melanin can be caused by exposure to the sun, but also by hormones, old age or after an inflammation in the skin, such as acne. The excess pigmentation is not easy to remove with care products, but the right products can ensure that the excess pigment is less noticeable and does not get worse.

Don't do with pigmentation

Although there are several causes for pigmentation on the skin, there is one thing that makes all types of pigmentation worse: exposure to the sun. Going into the sun unprotected will make the spots darker and more visible. Spots that are smeared can also darken slightly in the sun, but rubbing the skin with a good sunscreen certainly helps.

Care of the skin with an excess of pigmentation

First of all, a good cleaning of the skin is important, as with any skin type. The hannah Cleansing Milk is a good choice that refreshes and soothes the skin. Finally, the Crystal Orange scrub gel from Cenzaa is recommended: it removes dirt and sebum and improves the complexion.

Another form of cleansing that benefits skin with an excess of pigmentation is the regular use of a peeling. At Het Cosmeticahuis we have various peels in the range that lighten the skin slightly and can lighten the dark spots. An example is and the Cenzaa Illuminating Skin Peel .

After a good cleaning, a cream can also push the discoloration of the skin in the right direction. A perfect cream for this is the Tyro Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector . This product has an advanced skin discoloration correcting technology for a beautiful, more even skin. This product even works into the deeper layers of the skin. Tyro's Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector is a complexion brightening face cream for radiant, even skin.

The most important thing for people with an excess of pigmentation in the skin is good sun protection throughout the day, to prevent the pigmentation spots from darkening.