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For normal hair

Normal hair is hair that is not damaged and naturally has a nice shine.


Shampoo normal hair

You would say that many people have regular, but as a rule, this is not the case. We speak of normal hair when the hair is not damaged and naturally has a nice shine. Suppose you have normal hair. You naturally want to keep it as healthy and beautiful as possible. That is why you should choose care products for normal hair.

Care for normal hair

With regular hair, it is essential to use mild hair care products that cleanse the hair without irritating the scalp. Such a shampoo for normal hair contains surfactants. These substances ensure that the hair is gently washed without drying it out. This type of shampoo can therefore be used every day.

Characteristics of normal hair

Do you doubt whether you have a regular hair type? Below are the characteristics of normal hair. If your hair meets these characteristics, we speak of normal hair.

  • Your hair is not colored or damaged, for example, by perms
  • Your hair has a natural shine
  • Your hair does not feel dry or coarse
  • You have no curly hair