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Create beautiful healthy radiant summer skin all year round with tanning products. Works easily and quickly and gives your skin a natural tan!


What is tanning?

Tanning, also known as self-tanning, is a quick and healthy alternative to hours of exposure to the sun. Using a tanning product gives you beautiful and even tanned skin without having to spend hours in the sun exposing your skin to harmful UV rays.


Preparing the skin for the tanning spray

To achieve a beautiful and even result with the tanning spray, it is essential to take your time and prepare the skin properly. It is important to allow at least one hour for the tanning spray to be applied neatly and for it to be absorbed well. If you put on your clothes too quickly after self-tanning, you risk staining the skin. The longer you let the spray soak in, the better.

Before applying the tanning spray, it is wise to prepare the skin. The more even and smooth the skin is, the more even the result will be. Exfoliating the skin removes dead skin cells and makes the skin more even. For exfoliating the body, we recommend one of our body scrubs. For the face, we recommend a unique face scrub, such as the Marc Inbane Black Exfoliator. It is also important to dry the skin thoroughly after exfoliating. Tanning spray applied to still-damp skin can stain.

How do you use a tanning product?

There are various types of tanning products available: tanning spray, tanning mousse, and tanning drops. How you use the effect depends on the type of tanning you are using. Handy is the tanning tools. They help you to spread the tanning evenly over your face and body. All our tanning products have a detailed description of how to use their product. Our advice: read this before you start working with the tanning product.

Applying the tanning spray

Once the skin is completely smooth, prepared, and dry, it's time to apply the tanning spray. It is essential to follow the precise directions on the packaging of the chosen product for the best results. In general, using a tanning spray is not complicated. Make sure to apply a thin product layer and spread it evenly over the skin. When applying the tanning spray, pay close attention to the edges of the hairline, elbows, and knees so that not too much product accidentally accumulates.

Some tools are available to distribute the tanning spray even better on the skin. The Marc Inbane Kabuki Brush for your face. For the body, we have the Marc Inbane Tanning Glove. A significant advantage of using a brush for the face and a glove for the body is that the skin of the hands will be less discolored. However, do not forget to wash your hands well after using a tanning spray. Otherwise, they can become (too) brown.

Waiting for the result

The evenest result is obtained by waiting at least an hour after applying the tanning spray before putting on tight clothing. The tan may be stained if the fountain cannot penetrate the skin properly in certain areas. After one hour, the color that the tanning spray will eventually give to the skin is not yet visible. The paint still develops in the skin, and the final result will only be visible after a few hours. Therefore, spray tanning for a party is best done the evening before.

A spray tan lasts about four to seven days and can then be repeated. It is also possible to apply a second or even third layer of color sooner if the color is not dark enough. A spray tan can therefore be built up in color.

What could happen in some cases is that stains have appeared while drying or applying the product. What might help is to exfoliate the spot lightly; this will lighten the color a bit. Even if the whole complexion is too dark, gently exfoliating the skin helps lighten the color. In any case, the color fades back to your skin tone within a week.

Tanned skin will last the longest when adequately cared for. Wait a week before exfoliating the skin and keep the skin well moisturized with a nourishing body lotion such as the Cenzaa Rebalancing Body Relief or the hannah Body Cream.

Sun protection

Skin tanned by the sun needs less sun protection than skin that sees the first sun rays of the year. Self-tanning makes the skin appear browner, but that is only an artificial color. It is essential to protect the skin from an unnatural shade from the sun. Our shop has excellent sunscreens that can help you protect your skin.