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Couperose is a skin condition in which the face shows many dilated red and/or blue blood vessels. In this case, the superficial blood vessels in the skin have become weaker, causing them to dilate and become more visible. Proper care for skin with couperose is very important. Read more about caring for skin with couperose and what ingredients soothe the skin and reduce redness here.


Keratoplast: reduces couperose redness, reduces wrinkles, softens the skin and evens out the complexion.

Niacinamide: this natural antioxidant protects the skin, effectively combats the first signs of skin aging and reduces redness and irritation.

Panthenol: reduces redness and soothes, repairs and moisturizes the skin.

Liquorice root extract: soothes the skin and reduces irritation and flakiness. In addition, it reduces skin discoloration and superficial pigmentation.


How to care for couperose

Skin with couperose is best treated with products suitable for sensitive skin. Skin care products containing alcohol and perfume are best avoided. Use soothing products with ingredients such as panthenol or licorice root. 

Not a good idea is to treat the skin with an exfoliator. After all, you don't want to damage (even more) the skin with couperose. It is important to apply a cream with at least SPF30 every day. This is because sun damage can worsen the redness in the skin.

Skin advice

In our wide range of products it is sometimes difficult to find the right products for your skin. Are you looking for suitable products that reduce couperose in your skin or do you want specific skin advice? Then discover our tailored skin advice.

By filling out our 'Tailor-made skin advice' form, we can give you a targeted skin analysis to see which products are recommended for your skin or skin problem. 


The right skin care for skin with couperose




Getting started with couperose

It is essential to use the right care for every skin, but perhaps a little more for surfaces that have a problem such as couperose. Using the right products can prevent the problem from getting worse, and the skin may even recover by using the right products. In this article, we tell more about skincare with couperose, and we explain which products we recommend for this skin type.

What is couperose?

Couperose is a skin condition in which there are many expanded red and blue blood vessels in the face. Couperose can occur in people who are usually older than 30 years. The superficial blood vessels in the skin have become weaker in this case, widening them and making them more visible. It can be caused by, among other things, old age, heredity, excessive sun exposure, and alcohol consumption. People with fair skin are also more likely to suffer from couperose.
The dilated veins can cause complaints such as burning, irritations, tingling, or itching. They disappear for a moment when pressed with a finger, but the blue or red veins fill up again, making them visible again.

Don't deal with couperose

Two things have a lot of influence on the worsening of couperose and on which people themselves have control: sun and alcohol. Both factors ensure that blood vessels expand more. With this skin, it is essential not to go into the sun unprotected. Excessive use of alcohol is also a deterrent and can make the skin condition worse.

Take care of the skin with couperose

Proper care starts with a good cleaning. The surface with couperose falls under the category of "susceptible skin" and should, therefore, treated in this way. Cleansing this skin type must be done carefully and gently. Cleansing milk or oil is an excellent choice for this skin.

The Tyro Rosa Canina Cleansing Milk is soft. For the sake of the caring effect, rosehip (vitamin C) is added to this cleanser, and we recommended usage for this skin type. 

After proper cleaning, the use of cream cannot fail to occur. Creams that are very suitable for this skin include the Cenzaa Calming Senses, hannah 24 Hour Skin Balancing, and the IMAGE VITAL C - Hydrating Repair Cream. All these creams are nourishing and protective face creams. The Cenzaa cream even reduces the unsightly veins and provides immediate soothing and strengthening of the skin.

As an extra step in care, the use of serum is also enjoyable for the skin. IK Skin Perfection PRERED+ is the serum that gives skin relief from redness, irritation, and sunburn. This serum calms the skin and reduces redness.

The use of a cream mask is cautious with this skin type. These types of masks do not dry up, such as a clay mask, but penetrate the skin to give the skin a real boost and extra hydration. The hannah Hydro Mask, for example, provides the surface with a true moisture injection for soft, supple, well-hydrated skin. The Delight Touch mask from Cenzaa is an intensely hydrating, healing, and nourishing mask that is perfect for this skin.

One of the things that have already mentioned in the text is sun protection. It is essential to rub the skin thoroughly before he sees the sun, so as not to make the couperose worse. 

The skin with couperose is susceptible and sometimes unsightly, but with the products of Het Cosmeticahuis, there are enough possibilities to take good care of this skin.