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Tanning Tools

Apply tanning products such as a tanning spray, tanning mousse and tanning drops evenly and streak-free with a tanning tool.


Why use a tanning tool?

Applying a tanning product can be tricky, especially in the hard-to-reach areas of your body. Therefore, several tanning tools are available that make using a tanning product easy. You get the most out of your tanning product with a tanning tool.

Types of tanning tools

Various tanning tools are suitable for a particular tanning product or body part. We take you through the different tools you'll find in our assortment:

  • Tanning glove (glove): a self-tanning glove is a convenient and essential tool for tanning the body and face. Thanks to its delicate and perfected microfiber structure, a glove ensures that our tanning is evenly distributed over the body and thus prevents spots and streaks. A tanning glove is suitable for use with a tanning spray and mousse.
  • Body Brush: this brush is suitable for applying the tanning spray and mousse evenly and perfectly. Because of its ergonomic shape, a body brush is perfect for quickly tanning all body contours.
  • Brush: besides the body brush, you also have a 'regular' meeting. This is ideal for tanning the face, hands, and feet. The bristles of an encounter are flat, so the blending and smoothing of the tanning is a piece of cake. This also makes this brush suitable for the even application of foundations, creams, emulsions, and powders.