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Impure skin

Impure skin is characterized by a high number of pimples, blackheads, or acne. The pores are often clogged, causing sebum to accumulate in the sebaceous glands. Time to take care of impured skin and provide it with the right ingredients and products.


Jojoba oil: this oil is packed with essential fatty acids and vitamin E. It regulates sebum secretion, acts as an anti-inflammatory and supports the skin's repair capabilities.

Kaolin: this mineral-rich clay purifies and detoxifies the skin. It absorbs excess sebum and soothes the skin.

Niacinamide: this natural antioxidant protects the skin, effectively combats the first signs of skin aging and reduces redness and irritation.

Salicylic acid: dissolves accumulated sebum and acts as an anti-inflammatory to reduce clogged pores and impurities.



For the night, we recommend using a richer night cream with jojoba oil. This cream nourishes the skin while you sleep and most importantly; it does not clog pores.

If you need some extra care, a (clay) mask is a real must-have. A mask absorbs excess oils and impurities and leaves your skin glowing.

Tackling impurities locally? Then a spot treatment is indispensable in your skincare routine. With a spot treatment you dot locally on pimples and impurities to make them disappear quickly and effectively.

Skin advice

It can sometimes be difficult to find the right products that perfectly match your skin (type). Whether you're looking for effective products to reduce blemishes or need personalized advice, we're here to help. 

By filling out our "Customized Skin Advice" form, our certified skin coaches will provide you with a personal skin analysis. This way you know exactly which products are best suited for your specific skin type. The product advice also tells you how and when you can use the products. All this to achieve optimal results.


Facial care for impure skin


Cenzaa Rise & Shine Cleanser 200ml
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D-SKIN Clear Cream 50ml
D-SKIN Triple C Cream 50ml
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Dermalogica AGE Bright Clearing Serum 30ml
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Dermalogica Blackhead Clearing Fizz Masque 50ml
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Dermalogica Breakout Clearing Booster 30ml
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Dermalogica Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash XL 295ml
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Dermalogica Breakout Clearing Kit
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Dermalogica breakout clearing liquid peel 30ml
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Dermalogica Clear Start Miniature Duo
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Dermalogica Clearing Defense SPF30 59ml
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Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash 250ml
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