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Oxygen Facial Treatment

With oxygen facial devices, you give the skin a safe, painless and effective anti-aging treatment and the skin is visibly improved.

Why an oxygen facial?

An oxygen facial restores energy to dry, depleted, or aging skin, evens the skin, and makes it glow.

Oxygen treatment at home

Times are changing. Where in the past you could only undergo oxygen facials at a better beauty salon, nowadays you can also do this at home.

Big stars like Madonna, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Anniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Claudia Schiffer undergo this oxygen treatment. The treatment uses a technique that uses pulsed pressure injection of pure oxygen to apply skin-proper substances to the skin. The results are excellent!

With an oxygen therapy facial treatment, active ingredient concentrates, specially designed to meet individual skin requirements, are applied and "shot" deep into the skin through pulsed oxygen pressure - needle-free, gentle, effective, and safe!

The use of oxygen facial treatment equipment is always combined with specially designed products. When purchasing oxygen treatment equipment, ensure you order the right products.